Daily 3-Bet: Daniel Negreanu, Daniel Negreanu, Daniel Negreanu

Triple Negreanu
The three best poker players in the world.

The Daily 3-Bet is like a legendary Daniel Negreanu soul read of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

You can always contribute to the Daily 3-Bet by making Negreanu-related suggestions in the comments section below.

Yesterday iconic ESPN poker broadcaster Norman Chad mocked us for the sheer amount of Daniel Negreanu content we've been posting lately.

Today we’re rectifying that mistake.

1) Negreanu Challenges Trump

Daniel Negreanu wants to see Donald Trump’s manhood.

There’s really no other way of putting that.

Trump made a bizarre reference to his own penis size at a campaign speech yesterday and Negreanu decided to challenge him to a literal dick-measuring contest.

Yup. That’s classic D-Negs for ya.

For the sake of everyone, let’s hope this bet never happens.

2) Sharp Dressed Man

You know who can pull off a suit?

That would be Daniel Negreanu.

Just take a look at his collection of mens wear for the American Poker Awards, LAPC and Bay 101 that he posted on Instagram.

No hockey jerseys here:

daniel negreanu suits

Which one do you like best? We’re thinking top right for sure.

3) Negreanu’s All-Time Poker Plays

Can’t get enough Daniel Negreanu?

We can’t either. In fact we’re just going to put this tasteful video of Negreanu straight-up owning people on repeat and call it a weekend.

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