Daily 3-Bet: Crowning Holz, Camp Nou-Limit, K of Poker Style

Chris Straghalis (Photo: WPT)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a snappy bowler, baize-clipped spatz and the foppish-iest afternoon poker news dandy you've ever laid eyes on.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a ringing endorsement for #1 in the world, FC Barcelona loves its poker and Chris Straghalis drops the mic on poker fashion.

1) He's #1

The poker world tends to go around in circles when it comes to naming "the best poker player in the world," and rightly so.

EPT Barcelona 2016 SHR winner fedor holz
Undisputed king of MTTs.

There are clearly dozens of variables involved from game specialties and stakes to variance, bias and sample size that make declaring the game's #1 a muddy proposition.

When it comes to No-Limit Hold'em tournaments, though, the answer to that question right now is easy. It's Fedor Holz ainec.

He's been #1 on the Global Poker Index Top 300 for 14 weeks. He's #1 in the GPI 2016 POY rankings. And he's won more money in the past 18 months than, like, all of poker combined.

Yep, he's run good. Great, even. But as recent WCOOP $102k heads-up choppee bencb789 told PokerStrategy, none of that even matters:

"He is definitely one of the best tournament players in the world. No sorry, he is the number one. And not just because of his recent success. I would have said the same if he had not won any tournaments this summer.


"His abilities are just insane and he deserves all the success. He was working very very hard for it. Nevertheless he is running very hot, which you obviously need to take down so many tournaments in such a short period of time."

We'll buy that.

2) Piqué on Camp Nou: "Everyone Loves Poker"

With two card-carrying, certified poker die-hards in Gerard Piqué and Neymar Jr. among its leaders, it's no surprise the odd poker game breaks out at FC Barcelona's storied football pitch, Camp Nou.

It is a bit surprising, though, as Piqué revealed in a new interview with the PokerStars blog, that everyone else on the team gets into it, too - even if they don't step up and play €50,000 Super High Rollers:

Gerard Pique
He's into it, for real.

"They really like it. Our teammates know we come here, and they always ask how it goes and if we enjoyed ourselves. The problem is they don't know how to play poker and if they did, they would probably come too!


"We do sometimes play in the dressing room; obviously not for money, but just for fun. It's fun because everyone loves poker, and not just to play. The players who don't know how to play like to watch."

That enthusiasm for the game carries over to the elite Spanish National Team as well, who Piqué says frequently spend their downtime at major championships grinding away:

"There are more very good poker players in the [Spanish] national team like David De Gea and David Silva. I'm trying to think of the best ones because we play with 15 players, and it's always the same ones that win!


\"For example, in the last Euros [the UEFA European Championship] we had a lot of free time in the hotel, and playing poker is a great way to have fun when we have spare time."

Read the full piece about Piqué's love for the game and future plans here.

3) King of Poker Style

There are few things we love more than poker-inspired fashion and if you've ever sat in a poker tournament with Chris Straghalis you've likely got to experience it first hand.

Straghalis is famed for his electrifying poker attire, perhaps topped by this truly spectacular Ace of a green suit.

He's cracked out another gem at WPT National Ireland today, where he's off to a decent start chip-wise and unleashed a King of Hearts baseball jersey that will turn some heads.

Check the pic below (photo: WPT); follow his progress at WPTN Ireland right here.


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