Daily 3-Bet: Coren Burn, Phelps Bong, Poker Shit Show

michael phelps bong
Bong hit cost Phelps 3 months, Kelloggs deal.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a frantic, eye-splashing dog paddle in the outside lane of the afternoon poker news pool.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Vicky Coren getting a last shot in at Amarillo Slim, Michael Phelps telling 60 Minutes about his poker-tinged downfall and a reminder of just how much tolerance people had for poker in 2004.

1) Vicky Coren Gets Last Word on Amarillo Slim

We planned to have Doyle Brunson’s tribute blog as our last word on Amarillo Slim, but Brit Vicky Coren’s last stab at a look back at Slim’s legacy has changed our mind.

Victoria Coren
Not a word mincer.

In her Guardian UK column this week Coren tries to come to terms with her conflicting views on Slim as a poker player, hustler and possible child molester.

Given Slim’s misogynistic bent, lack of boundaries and her personal experiences with sexism in the poker world, it’s no surprise Coren’s lasting impression is mixed at best.

Still, she does manage to find some sort of peace with him – depending heavily on whether he’s guilty of molestation or not.

She also takes a few parting shots even Slim would appreciate:

 “I'm not above pointing out that, 12 years later, my official recorded poker winnings are three times more than his. And he's dead. Good luck catching me now, old-timer.

“But when I met him, I wasn't annoyed by the sexism. I was making my way through a strange, old-fashioned and heavily male-dominated world; they were all a bit like that.

“And he was a 70-year-old Texan in a cowboy hat. When he peered down my top and croaked: ‘Man, you're a healthy young lady!,’ I simply said: ‘Thank you.’” Read the full column here.

2) Michael Phelps: Bong Photo All-Time Low. Thanks Poker!

Carter King
That's my bong!

Set to become the most decorated Olympic athlete in the history of the world at the London Olympics, Michael Phelps appeared on 60 Minutes this weekend in a segment with Anderson Cooper.

Among the topics were his shot at the all-time record for Olympic medals, his bottoming out after the Beijing Olympics and subsequent return to competitive swimming, his “Hangover-inspired” trips to Vegas and, of course, his famous bong photo (above).

A moment, Phelps says, was his all-time lowest moment. In life.

How does that relate to poker? Phelps has a well-known poker habit and has got pretty good at the game, cashing in a few events even.

His poker play has also brought him into contact with quite a few online poker pros, including Carter “ckingUSC” King, the owner of the aforementioned bong.

The famous photo was shot at a party at King’s house, to which King fessed up to despite not being there.

Congratulations, poker, on sucking down the greatest Olympic swimmer of our time into your murkier depths!

Watch the full 60 Minutes segment here.

3) Poker Was So Popular in 2004 They Even Watched This

Given the current poker climate in the US, it’s hard to believe there was a time people would sit through 90 minutes of Matthew Perry and Dennis Rodman trading quips at a poker table.

But apparently they did, as evidenced by the clip below. If you can’t bear to watch here are the cliffs:

  • Dennis Rodman is a gigantic, pouty child
  • Dave Foley is painfully plowing through this gig to pay for an expensive divorce
  • Kevin Nealon, always funny
  • Matthew Perry, always unwatchable
  • Neil Patrick Harris almost wins
  • Mekhi Phifer goes with him a lot
  • All are very bad poker players


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giggitygo 2012-05-09 15:03:56

Im agree with amarillo slim, poker is a men game, i dont like women who play poker, i really dont. Go get a family and stop doing something is not for you vicky

Hank 2012-05-08 18:22:12

I made it to 3:41. Fuck me that's bad.

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