Daily 3-Bet: China’s Poker Princess Busted, JRB Slims Down, N9 Video

Guo Meimei
Guo Meimei, photo by SMH.com.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the Slim-Fast shake of the normally bloated mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll look at poker-playing Chinese socialite Guo Meimei getting busted, Jean-Robert Bellande dropping a few pounds and a new WSOP video to get you hyped for the 2014 November Nine.

1) The Chinese Molly Bloom Gets Busted

guo meimei
Guo Meimei, SMH.com photo

Molly Bloom has an incredible story about hosting a high-stakes Hollywood poker game but China’s Guo Meimei may have her beat.

Meimei is a social media celebrity in China who wagered millions in online betting, hosted a private poker game and earned hundreds of thousands as an escort.

Unfortunately for Meimei the good times appear to be over as she was arrested earlier this summer.

Meimei had a polarizing effect on her followers as she was criticized for flaunting her extraordinary wealth, which she spent on fast cars, designer clothes and vacations around the world. She once posted a photo of her 10-digit bank balance.

On Monday the China Central Television revealed where she got her money and a video confession.

Interestingly Memei started running her private poker game after befriending a high-stakes poker poker pro in Macau.

There’s no telling who that player is but numerous pros including Phil Ivey, Sam Trickett and Tom Dwan have been known to play the biggest games in Macau.

Check out this video about it from the Sydney Morning Herald:

2) BrokeLivingJRB Makes $70k Weight-Loss Wager

It appears the BrokeLivingJRB we all know and love will be getting a new slim look in the near future.

Jean-Robert Bellande mentioned on Twitter that he was attempting to go from 287lbs to 245lbs by November 1 and he has $70,000 in bets on it.

Initially Bellande accidentally said he was going from 187 to 145, which would have made him StarvingJRB, and definitely got a few laughs from poker fans.

Bellande is currently sitting at 266lbs according to the following picture so he’s got 16lbs to go, which seems doable.

If you have any crazy weight-loss tricks you might as well send them to JRB. Might save him $70,000 in the end.

jrb weight

3) WSOP Releases November Nine Promo

The WSOP releases short teaser-style video of the November Nine today, which includes the exact moment the bubble burst and the considerable amount of relief for the nine players who survived.

It’s a cool video, although we’re starting to wonder just how much mileage the WSOP is going to get from that American Author’s Best Day of My Life song, which we heard approximately 48,373 times this summer.

Watching the video it’s striking how much of an impact the Brazilian fans had on the atmosphere at the Rio. Expect the Brazilian fandom to be cranked up 1000X at the actual Main Event final table in November.

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