Daily 3-Bet: Channeling Chen, WSOP Backpack Outcry, 98% for Online Poker

Ali Nejad and Taylor Paur
Backpack alert!

The PokerListings daily 3-Bet is a three-compartment, state-of-the art backpack when the rest of the mid-afternoon news poker news world is stuck using bindles.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’re going to take a look at the unheralded Andrew Chen, a survey massively in favor of online poker and a surprising amount of controversy regarding backpacks.

1) Andrew Chen Shares All in Recent Interview

Andrew Chen
Don't underestimate Andrew Chen.

Waterloo University has produced some of the best poker players in the world including Mike “Timex” McDonald, Matt “Ch0ppy” Kay and Mike “SirWatts” Watson but perhaps the most underrated is Andrew Chen.

One of the best Canadian poker players, Chen has won nearly $2 million on the European Poker Tour alone.

Chen gave an extensive interview to Remko Rinkema for iGaming this week and discussed everything including how he got his start in poker, swings and what to do with poker winnings. One of the best parts, about EPT Berlin:

"Some people would look at it as, you’re heads up and you’ve already locked up a certain amount of money. Now anything that has happened up until now is irrelevant as that no longer matters and therefore I should feel terrible - I’ve made no extra money after the deal and I busted the tournament. I don’t think that’s a good way to look at it. I’ve run so good and done so well in poker and in every way imaginable that I think it’s tasteless and not very tactful to complain if you’re ever in my position."

Refreshing to say the least. 

2) WSJ Readers Overwhelmingly in Favor of U.S. Online Gambling

Antonio Esfandiari
Is Ultimate Poker a game-changer?

Well the Ultimate Poker launch seems to have gone OK.

The fledgling poker site has generated an amazing amount of buzz over the last few days, especially from mainstream media.

Even UP employee Terrence Chan told us he was surprised by the amount of attention the site has received.

Considering how positive the exposure has been, it seems like only a matter of time before other states join Nevada. 

The Wall Street Journal is running a poll this week on their website about whether the United States should just legalize online gambling outright.

While you might expect a fairly positive response (a link to the poll was posted on TwoPlusTwo) the results are pretty damn impressive.

At the time this article was published a whopping 98% of readers are in favor of legalizing online gambling.

Who would have thought people want legal, fully-regulated online poker? Oh wait, everyone.

Will the poll change anything? Probably not but it certainly can’t hurt. Click through here to participate.

3) Will Backpacks Be Allowed at WSOP? Debate Rages On

If you’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of backpacks at poker tournaments in recent years, you’re not alone.

These days it’s common for poker players to carry iPads, laptops, notepads, snacks and even full meals in backpacks (our favorite is that one guy who uses a CamelBak, hydration ftw!).

It’s a topic that no one has discussed but Randy Murfin asked Jack Effel over Twitter about backpacks, because of what recently happened in Boston.

Although Effel said it’s something the WSOP is looking into, the poker community seems vehemently against the idea and it’s pretty easy to see why considering you run into the same issue in any area where there are large crowds.

Here are some of the early responses:

Really everyone should just wear a fanny pack like Mike Matusow.

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Grant 2013-05-02 12:26:33

Solid lols throughout this one.

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