Daily 3-Bet: Elie Spills, Emil Olsson Thrills, Everyday Poker

Harry Reid (left) and Chad Elie
Chad Elie (right) with Sen. Harry Reid

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet offers three exhilarating stories a day when the rest of the mid-afternoon poker news world is indefinitely locked out.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Chad Elie blowing the doors off the payment processing game, a Swedish pro stealing all the glory in Denmark and using poker to make better decisions in real life.

Howard Lederer
Chad Elie has some issues with Howard Lederer

1) Chad Elie Talks Howard Lederer, Payment Processing with Diamond Flush

Recent Twitter upstart Chad Elie did a lengthy, and we mean lengthy, interview with poker super sleuth Diamond Flush last week to shed some light on the somewhat shady business of payment processing.

In particular Elie took Howard Lederer to task for saying he never met a payment processer when, according to Elie, he talked with the former Full Tilt Poker for five hours on New Years Eve of 2010 and met with him on another occasion.

Here's one of the more incendiary passages from the interview (Elie doesn't appear to be a huge fan of Lederer):

We sat there, and it was nothing but the Howard Lederer show. I mean, all he did was talk about himself and how he built a 3 billion dollar, 2 billion dollar company, and you know, I don’t even think my poor wife at the time said one word.

Here are some of the other notable takeaways from the extensive article:

  • Elie witnessed fellow processor Daniel Tzvetkoff spend tens of thousands in strip clubs and nightclubs.
  • FBI agents arrested Elie at his home at gunpoint.
  • Since starting his Twitter account Elie has been warned to keep quiet by an anonymous phone call.
  • Elie was highly transparent in his business and would tell anyone he was a payment processor for Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars
  • PokerStars is an unbelievable stand-up company according to Elie.

2) Swede Emil Olsson Takes WPT Copenhagen Crown

Emil Olsson
Emil Olsson, Courtesy WPT

Swedish poker pro Emil Olsson outlasted 229 players to win WPT Copenhagen for $230,036 this weekend.

Primarily an online player, Olsson has a small collection of live cashes in Sweden and Prague but this was his first major live title.

Among the notable players take part in WPT Copenhagen were Theo Jorgensen, Ville Wahlbeck, Mickey Petersen, Brynn Kenney, Ana Marquez, Elisabeth Hille, Tony G and Dan “jungleman12” Cates.

Peter Jepsen, Steve O’Dwyer and Sergii Baranov all made the money but fell well short of the final table.

The WPT now heads to Canada for its next event, which is set to begin Nov. 23 in Montreal, Quebec.

Here are the final-table payouts for WPT Copenhagen:

  • 1. Emil Olsson - $230,036
  • 2. Morten Klein - $144,413
  • 3. Philip Jacobsen - $93,142
  • 4. Stanislav Barshak - $68,361
  • 5. Robin Christoffer Ylitalo - $51,271
  • 6. Jan Djerberg - $41,017

3) Thinking Poker in Everyday Life

Most poker players probably think about poker too much but according to a recent presentation that might not be such a bad thing.

As part of a series of lectures called Reinventing Gaming at a TedX, Frank Lantz talks about utilizing poker concepts such as Expected Value in everyday life to make better decisions and learn truths about yourself.

It’s a fascinating argument that goes a bit beyond saying “that’s a bad beat” every time something bad happens to you or people around you.

We’ll admit this video is a bit old but well worth watching for any poker player. The whole talk is great but the poker part starts at about 6:30 into the video.

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