Daily 3-Bet: Cates Speaks, Madness in Macau, the Horror

Daniel Cates
Jungleman has interesting things to say about durrrr, Girah and his career post-Black Friday.

The PokerListings.com daily 3-Bet is a quick-hit review of three pieces of poker news that deserve more of your attention.

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Today we touch on a very readable, surprisingly candid interview with Dan “Jungleman12” Cates, a special photo/hand history combo from the nosebleed cash games in Macau and a glimpse of something so horrifying it may scare you away from live poker tables permanently.

You Can Take the Man Out of the Jungle but …

Dan Cates recorded a big year in 2011 and finished as the third biggest winner in online poker, up $1.9 million on Full Tilt Poker. How much he successfully withdrew from the site is anyone’s guess.

Cates opened up to Black Belt Poker about the ongoing durrrr Challenge, Cates’ inclusion in the Jose “Girah” Macedo scandal and what life is like grinding high-stakes on Euro sites from his new home in the UK.

Highlights include:

“We've played around 20,000 hands, but we're not really done yet. He has not settled. However, if he's incredibly flakey about following up with the Challenge, and it doesn't seem very high on his priority list, then I would like him to settle, or play out his hands pretty soon. Technically, it's still on, but it's not really going anywhere. I want durrrr to show a little more commitment to this Challenge, especially because we both agreed to play 5,000 hands a month, and that obviously hasn't happened at all.”

“I think Haseeb [Qureshi] and I took way too much shit for it, more than we should have.”

Gus Hansen macau
What can we say, Gus works fast.

“The whole thing did cause a little interruption in my friendship with Haseeb, but I still think he's a good person. Perhaps his standards for ethics might be a little out of line sometimes, but I don't think he was trying to scheme to deceive people, that much is true. Maybe we've hit a few rocks in our relationship, but on the whole, we're still friends.”

Hansen and Trickett in Action in Macau (Not the same kind of action)

Gus Hansen and Sam Trickett are both in Macau and although they’ve been experiencing the city in their own ways, it’s safe to say they’re both having a good time.

Gus Hansen blogged that he just got into Hong Kong and is pondering whether he should play in the big game. Here’s an excerpt.

“The more I think about it the less chance there is I will be playing in some million dollar buy-in No Limit Hold Em game in Macau – but maybe once I get there the good old bug called ‘Degenerate Gambling’ will get a hold of me and make me change my mind.”

Sam Trickett, meanwhile, has already been mixing it up in the million-dollar buy-in game that’s been running since December.

Trickett told Bluff Europe about one hand in particular that caught out attention, details below:

Macau Game No Limit Hold'em ($1300/$2600)

Sam Trickett (BTN): ($1,900,000 in chips)
Aggro Cbets (SB) ($3,000,000 in chips)

Pre Flop: ($3,900)
3 folds, Sam Trickett raises to $13,000, Aggro Cbets raises to $40,000, Sam Trickett calls

Flop: ($83,900) T 7 3(2 players)
Aggro Cbets checks, Sam Trickett bets $60,000, GianniLuke calls

Turn: ($203,900) 3(2 players)
Aggro Cbets checks, Sam Trickett bets $140,000, Aggro Cbets raises to $490,000, Sam Trickett calls

River: $1,183,900
Aggro Cbets checks, Sam Trickett bets $1,310,000, Aggro Cbets folds

Sam Trickett mucks 6 8

Those numbers are all in USD by the way.

Poker Demon takes Poker Face to Scary New Places

Thanks to a burgeoning photoshop thread in Two Plus Two we have a new leader in the "Scariest/Most Mentally Unstable Player" race, unseating

Keep an eye on the thread to see what they do with this photo:


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