Daily 3-Bet: Cates Relates, Heinz Update, Women’s War

Pius Heinz
Pius Heinz

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an intense three-stage dungeon crawl through the notorious underbelly of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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Today we’re taking a look at the chromosome Y-lacking heads-up final match in Monte Carlo, some new observations from Dan “jungleman12” Cates and an update with current world champion Pius Heinz.

Daniel Cates
Dan "jungleman12" Cates

1) Dan “jungleman12” Cates Speaks Up

Dan “jungleman12” Cates has been pretty quiet since Black Friday hit last year.

He’s been active in live tournaments but it’s not quite the same as when he was thrashing Tom Dwan in the durrrr Challenge and winning millions on Full Tilt.

Cates decided to get something up on his blog this week, however, and as usual it was a fascinating read.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that he’s going to be providing some insight into how he plays every week.

“I’m trying something new: Every week I will be randomly selecting an interesting hand history that is tweeted to me to review via twitter (provided you aren’t one of my competitors, or the hand is not against me). Not sure how well this work or if it will work at all, but I think the result will be fun, interesting, and everyone will benefit from it. So if you have a hand history, tweet it to me, and if you’re selected I will throw you a mention and a hand history review.”

Cates also revealed a number of interesting facts over the course of the blog including:

  • He’s still playing online and up seven figures since Black Friday           
  • He’s going to be back on PokerStars to play Isildur1 soon
  • If he gets his Full Tilt roll back he’s going to rock a party yacht
  • He’s lost money on every tournament he’s gone to except the recent Premier League

Just do yourself a favor and read the complete blog here. And remember to harass him for more posts next time you see him on the street.

Vicky Coren vs. Melanie Weisner

2) All-Female EPT Heads-Up Final

It’s perhaps a sign of the times when two female poker players emerge from an extraordinarily tough 64-player field at the €5,250 buy-in heads-up tournament at the EPT Grand Final.

Melanie Weisner and Vicky Coren are currently playing out the final heads-up match of the tournament and the winner will walk away with €58,900.

Actor David Mitchell, Coren’s fiancée, is playing the cheerleader role in the above photo as he pulls for the English woman to pull off the victory.

Coren dispatched Dori Yacoub to book her seat in the final match while Weisner beat former EPT champ Mark Teltscher.

Weisner and Coren have been waging all-out war against each other with Weisner currently up 2-1 in a best of five series. Despite the battle the pair has been making small talk the entire time and they just opened a bottle of red wine.

The always-witty Coren put it perhaps best on Twitter earlier today.

“And how nice is this - my opponent in the final is the great Melanie Weisner. Ha! Men and poker are so 1986.”

3) Heinz Claims He Had a Read on Staszko in New Interview

Pius Heinz has been the toast of the poker world over the last week as the first German world champion made his first appearance at EPT Berlin since winning the Main Event.

Heinz did the rounds with the German media and he did one particularly interesting interview with DW-TV’s Euromaxx where he claimed he had a read on his WSOP ME heads-up opponent Martin Staszko.

Both players were widely considered to have noted tells in heads-up but this is one of the first interviews we’ve seen where Heinz publically claimed that Staszko wouldn’t make eye contact when he was bluffing.

Plus, a cameo by Boris Becker, who’s happy he doesn’t have to “jump all over the place” anymore.


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