Daily 3-Bet: Carrel Spotlight, Red-Hot Cash Games, #RaiseIt Again

Ronaldo looks to #RaiseIt

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a nice profile of Charlie Carrel, some heavy cash game action in Las Vegas and Neymar and Ronaldo’s ongoing #RaiseIt war.

1) Vice Profiles Charlie Carrel

It seems that somebody at Vice Magazine follows our Spirit of Poker awards closely.

Charlie Carrel 2
Charlie Carrel

The publication’s UK division saw fit to profile our Rising Star winner Charlie Carrel in an extended feature.

The heartfelt interview delves into how Carrel remains so calm at the tables. Carrel endured bullying when he was younger, which gave him a firm grasp on his emotions later on.

"I created a defence mechanism – I can detach from my emotions. A poker example would be how I never feel stressed if I'm on a final table. I can turn it off. I'm grateful for that."

You can check out the entire piece by Jack Stanton right here. Interestingly Vice seems to be taking a keen interest in poker as it also just published a piece that profiles the world of staking in poker.

2) Cash Games Still Booming in Vegas

The WSOP is done but that doesn’t mean the action in Vegas has slowed down.

We’re hearing from multiple sources that the live cash games in Las Vegas are booming. In fact the action is so good that several high-profile pros have had to book a ticket back to Sin City immediately after finally getting home.

Dan Bilzerian, Jennifer Tilly, Jay Farber, Phil Hellmuth and even rapper Nelly are among the notables who have been spotted in Aria’s Ivey Room after the WSOP.

There’s at least one pro who’s decided to skip the potentially lucrative games, however:

3) Neymar and Ronaldo Raise it Again

PokerStars’ Raise It campaign continues to generate some pretty great viral content from Neymar Jr. and Ronaldo.

Here are the latest contributions (that last egg trick by Neymar is pretty slick):

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