Daily 3-Bet: Cal Crush, Pick-Up Fail, Zoom $250/h

Tony Dunst
Tony Dunst: Poker's Robert Downey Jr.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a silver-tongued womanizer who sweet talks his way into the heart of the afternoon poker news mob boss' daughter.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Cal “cal42688” Anderson ho-humming his way to another Sunday Major win, another appropriately deleted scene from the BET RAISE FOLD documentary and William Reynolds time-lapsing his way to $250/hour in his swim trunks.

1) Cal “cal42688” Anderson Wins $125k Supersonic

Calvin Anderson
Can't beat Cal.

Yeah, sure. It’s getting almost ridiculous to report on "true grinder" Calvin Anderson’s tournament successes.

If we wanted to we could basically just have a section called Cal's Crushes and profile his deep runs daily. Now that we think about it, we just might, actually.

He’s busy building a big stack live at EPT Berlin today but managed to spare a few hours from his hotel yesterday to take down another Sunday Major.

This time he beat 1,310 players in the $125k Sunday Supersonic for $49,817. The final table was no pushover either with Chris "Big_Huni” Hunichen and PokerStars pros Mattias de Meulder also grabbing seats.

Adding another $50k to his career tally is like basically dropping a penny into a giant, Godzilla-size piggybank, but still. Guy is a cold killer.

If you don’t have him on your PokerListings Fantasy Team for EPT Berlin (he’s a steal at any price, really, but def. at around 46k right now), you’re crazy. Snap him up right here

2) Tony Dunst, Pick-Up Artist

Something tells us this will be a piece of recorded history Tony Dunst will come to regret one day -- if he doesn’t already regret it a little. He must, right?

Another deleted scene from the upcoming BET RAISE FOLD documentary, in this clip Dunst explains some of his "strategies" for picking up women to seemingly all-eared students Matt “ch0ppy” Kay, Will Ma and Mike "Timex” McDonald.

It’s questionable on a lot of levels, not the least of which is Dunst’s open-chested dress shirt/soiled-lemon pants combo. See for yourself below:

3) William Reynolds, Beach Bum(hunter)

Speaking of ego-driven video clips, we came across this humble Twitter brag from noted poker instigator William Reynolds, whom we think is trying to boast he made $250/hour playing Zoom poker from Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. That, or he's trying to nail down a PokerStars sponsorship.

Which is sort of cool, but we can think of much better spots in Costa Rica (head south or north, virtually anywhere), much better ways to spend two hours on the beach (have you tried swimming in the ocean? It's pretty awesome) and much better places to grind online poker (virtually every place indoors and several outdoors).

So yeah. $250/hour is cool, though.

Note: Here's another one we found from a mountain. We're leaning towards a PStars sponsorship-lobby now.

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