Daily 3-Bet: Buss Tribute, Ripcity Cake, Poker is America

Jerry Buss
Dr. Jerry Buss

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a poignant tribute to Dr. Jerry Buss at the WPT LAPC, Chicago Bulls guard Rip Hamilton sharing his poker-themed birthday cake and a New York Times opinion piece says poker isn’t just America’s game – it’s America itself.

1) WPT Pays Tribute to Lakers Owner Jerry Buss

With the WPT LA Poker Classic running right in Dr. Jerry Buss’s backyard at the Commerce Casino this week, the sense of loss is even larger without his presence at the tables.

The WPT paid tribute to Dr. Buss prior to the start of the event with a touching eulogy from Mike Sexton and a video reel of his final-table appearance at the WPT Celebrity Invitational in 2003.

One of the more memorable lines: "I don't know whether poker prepared me for the Lakers or if the Lakers prepared me for poker -- maybe a little bit at the same time." Watch the tribute below:

2) Rip Hamilton Plays Poker with Himself in Cake Form

Rip's poker cake.

It’s hard to put the amazingness of this picture into words so we’ll mostly just let it speak for itself.

Chicago Bulls guard Richard "Rip" Hamilton turned 35 over the weekend and his friends arranged for this super cake to commemorate the major milestones in his career - and, we can assume, his love for the game of poker.

Represented are:

  • the four teams Hamilton has played for (UConn, Washington, Detroit and Chicago)
  • his various hairstyles over the years
  • his now-signature face mask
  • his 2003-2004 championship ring from the Pistons
  • and a plaque for his career high 51-point game against the Knicks

Amazing on so many levels. Easpecially, as Hamilton says, for its cake-ness.

3) New York Times writer: “Poker is America”

Huge Field
Poker is America.

Forget the debate about whether online poker should be legal in the US or not. New York Times opinion writer Charles A. Murray says not only should it be legal -- it should be mandatory.

If you missed it this weekend, Murray's piece, called "Poker is America," delves into poker's most noble and egalitarian aspects and proclaims it not just America's game but the embodiment of America itself. An excerpt:

"A poker table is America the way that television commercials portray it but it seldom is. A normal table of 10 at Charles Town has at least two or three Asians, one or two blacks, maybe a Latino, another one or two players who hail from some other part of the world, and maybe four or five plain-vanilla whites like me ...

"Poker tables are pure meritocracies. The pecking order of respect at Charles Town is determined by how good you are at the game. Other players may like you personally, but if you’re a bad player you’re a bad player, and nothing about your status in the outside world makes any difference.

"For readers with high-powered degrees and high-powered jobs, let me suggest that nothing will do more to keep your feet on the ground than to start playing poker in a public casino."

Read the full piece here.

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