Daily 3-Bet: Bullying Jeopardy!, Busting Heisenberg, Don't Bluff a Sheik

Alex Trebek: Chu'd Up.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jeopardy! "villain" Arthur Chu taking a page from poker in his game prep, a Heisenberg epidemic breaking out in Vegas and an important lesson to learn if you're ever playing poker with a sheik.

1) Arthur Chu Bullying Jeopardy! Like it's 2002 PlanetPoker

Annette Obrestad
Even 2007 Annette Obrestad thinks Chu is aggressive.

By now, of course, you've heard of Arthur Chu - the twitchy, awkward, five-time Jeopardy! champ currently steamrolling his way into game show lore.

Driving Jeopardy! traditionalists insane with his manic category bouncing, Daily Double clue-hunting and aggressive wagering, Chu is up-ending game-show etiquette and flustering his fellow competitiors with every button mash.

Poker players, though - we know this guy. In fact, in a great in-depth interview with the Onion A.V. Club posted yesterday Chu explains he's using game theory/poker-relevant priinciples to crush his big shot at fame and fortune. An excerpt:

"The same goes with Final Jeopardy. A lot of people really, really overemphasize if they feel confident or not about a category. And if they feel confident they’re going to bet it all and if they don’t feel confident, they bet nothing.

"Really, there’s so much variance in how hard a clue can be in a certain category. The important thing is how much you need to bet to maximize your probability of winning.

"Usually that’s based much more on what your score is versus everyone else’s score, not on what the category says."

Sound familiar, poker players? Also, how long before we start saying "no money left in Jeopardy!, everyone's solid."

2) Poker Experiencing "Heisenberg Epidemic," Says Baldwin

One pretty good way to prevent being bullied at the table, apparently, as Eric Baldwin found out yesterday at the WSOPC event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas?

Make people think you might be the bloodthirsty alter-ego of Breaking Bad's Walter White:

3) Dan Bilzerian: Don't Bluff a Sheik

Important caveat regarding bullying people at the table, according to poker's enfant terrible and Instagram superstar Dan Bilzerian? Don't try it on someone with a bottmless bankroll:

"Tonight I repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to bluff an Arab Sheik... #DontBluffBillionaires #ExpensiveLessons"


Point taken.

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