Daily 3-Bet: Bulletproof Debunk, Gamble = A+, India Anti-Poker Rap

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a three-blurb ditty in the foot-tapping, hip-hop style to make it instantly popular with the afternoon poker news youth.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the virtues of Bulletproof Coffee in question, researchers think tapping into our sense of gamble can get kids all learned up real good and a "plagiarist" takes on the Indian poker mega-craze through song.

1) Rose: Bulletproof Coffee is a Scheme

Dave Asprey
Just a schemer? Asprey begs to differ.

OK; one last bit about Bulletproof Coffee and then we'll stop talking about it.

Writer Brent Rose took Bulletproof Coffee to task on Gizmodo today with a pretty fair and reasoned analysis/personal trial.

His primary beef was its use as a "diet" plan (and don't get him started on mycotoxins) over its possible brain benefits/slow-caffeine release, but still.

His conclusion certainly leaned to the idea Bulletproof Coffee is more or less a "scheme" from its progenitor Dave Asprey to sell expensive coffee beans.

We talked to $10 million 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson about Bulletproof and he's come to a different conclusion.

In fact Jacobson says he drinks it every day he plays poker and imbibed the very day he won his $10m world title.

So ... yeah. Results still inconclusive. Since our own personal Bulletproof test was hijacked by our own laziness (we just alternated bites of a butter stick with sips of coffee), we're still lost in the BPC dark. Anyone?

2) Gamble Gamble, Dean's List

Well, that's not entirely true. Yet. But researchers are starting to think an element of gambling in student lessons could help boost learning.

As part of a larger study on how Neuroscience can improve education, Dr Paul Howard-Jones of the University of Bristol says research shows offering "uncertain rewards" stimulated the brain.

Want your kid to go to Harvard? Start running some Blackjack games in the basement.

Now he's going to test it out on around 12,150 science students at 81 schools in the UK to see if it improves learning.

“It is thought we evolved that way because it encourages us towards tasks that are more uncertain,” he told TESconnect.

“If we are totally confident of what is going to happen we are less interested, but if the odds are 50-50 then we tend to be more interested in taking part. It is something that has been exploited by casinos for years.”

The overall purpose of the study is to "help close the attainment gap between rich and poor."

We don't necessarily want to say we told you so, but ... we told you so. Read the full piece here.

3) Teen Patti Phool Patti

Aditya Agarwal
Intervention knows how he feels about the song and he hasn't even heard it yet.

We told you poker was kind of blowing up in India these days, right? Well, there's no better evidence it's true than someone writing a song against it.

According to the Times of India a renowned Indian "plagiarist" is working on a song warning youth about the "popular card game of poker which is all the rage among the young and old in India."

The singer's name is Utpal Jivrajani and his claim to fame is mimicking a Bollywood superstar's voice in the Gujarati 'Indian Shakira' song, which went viral on YouTube. In his words:

"Whenever I meet young artists these days, they are busy playing poker online on their phones. This delays work schedules.

"Gujaratis are well known to be fond of gambling huge stakes, often risking their all. So, to make them aware about the addiction, I composed the song in a foot-tapping, hip-hop style to make it instantly popular with the youth."

We'll post the song as soon as it's up somewhere.

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