Daily 3-Bet: Brains Stomp A.I., Crazy CSI Poker, Kid Poker Movie

humans win
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the unsung fourth-line grinder who always seems to find the winning goal after multiple mid-afternoon poker news overtimes.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Doug Polk and the crew beating poker A.I. Claudico handily, the online poker episode of CSI: Cyber and a trailer for a Daniel Negreanu movie.

Human Brains Spank Poker A.I. Claudico for $736k

Doug Polk
Doug Polk

We may have some time yet before Skynet takes over online poker.

After two weeks of action the human team of Doug Polk, Bjorn Li, Dong Kim and Jason Les triumphed over super-intelligent poker-playing A.I. Claudico.

Li was the biggest winner, dominating Claudico for $529k. Polk was also very successful winning $213k. Les was the only player in the red against Claudico as he lost $80k but the team’s overall performance was more than enough to put them on top.

In total there were 80,000 hands of No-Limit Hold’em played, which is not a bad sample size.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Claudico team at Carnegie Mellon University will make any changes to the A.I. and if there could potentially be a re-match at some point.

CSI: Cyber Online Poker Episode is… Interesting

We previewed this last week but the CSI: Cyber poker episode finally aired and it has already received its fair share of ridicule.

CSI Poker
Luxury Aces looks weird.

The basic premise is that an illegal pill hawker named Sean Morris uses an online poker site (Luxury Aces, lol) to launder money and pay his crew.

The pill pusher uses multiple accounts on Luxury Aces to launder the money so the gang at CSI decides to buy $250,000 worth of pills and spectate the poker site to locate the criminal.

Gizmodo did a rather hilarious recap of the episode.

The episode even ended with a signature CSI punchline uttered by Oscar winner Patricia Arquette (why is she on this show again?).

“Sean Morris, it looks like the last life you gambled away was yours.”

Sick burn!

Daniel Negreanu Takes Center Stage in New Movie Trailer

Daniel Negreanu is already larger than life in the poker world and it seems fitting that he’s getting a big-time movie production treatment.

A trailer for the documentary was released on Twitter today, which you can view below. The movie is being produced by PokerStars.

It’s pretty intense:


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