Daily 3-Bet: Brad Pitt Flips for $25k, Hellmuth Hits, ElkY Subs In

Brad Pitt: Mucks for a cause.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an injury-time substitution, a last-minute free kick and the perfect curl into the afternoon poker news top corner.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a benevolent Brad Pitt throwing a $25k poker hand, Phil Hellmuth getting lucky in his star-studded home game and Bertrand Grospellier putting on his French cape for the Global Poker Masters.

1) Pitt Donates $25k via Poker

Matt Damon
Damon would approve.

A story about Brad Pitt dropping $25k in a single poker hand - on purpose no less - to his driver at the Sundance Film Festival?

Has there ever been a more 3-bettable story in the history of the 3-Bet? We say no. The scoop from a "source" to Radar Online:

“(Pitt) ... ended up playing a few hands of poker with some of the guys back at his rental. What turned into one hand of poker turned into two, then about five hands in, Brad decided to make it really interesting.

“He told the other players that if they lost the hand they had to do some outrageous dare, but if he lost, he would pay $25,000 right then and there. After the cards were dealt, Pitt shrugged his shoulders and mucked his hand. He lost and told everyone he had the worst hand at the table!"

Even better, the source claims, Pitt "threw the hand on purpose" to help out his driver, who's had a rough life and has a new baby on the way.

We always knew Brad was like that. We always knew. Full "story" here.

2) Hellmuth "Runs It Once," Binks on Calacanis

Speaking of exclusive home games we never get to play in ...

Phil Hellmuth was back on the Tweeter wire last night name-dropping and sharing the intimate details of his prestigous Palo Alto home game.

We'd try and paraphrase it for you but there's no way to capture the next-level humble braggery of Phil Hellmuth without letting the Tweets speak for themselves:

3) ElkY, Bruel Sub In for Global Poker Masters

It's yet to even deal its first hand but the Global Poker Masters  - the GPI's bold attempt to create a Ryder Cup for poker - has already created a new rift in French poker.

Patrick Bruel
Don't sleep on Bruel. He's a player.

As we discovered from GPI CEO Alex Dreyfus last week two of France's qualifying players - Fabrice Soulier and Benjamin Pollak - were being held out of the event by their sponsors.

The reason? Not being allowed to wear a patch at the table. (Much like the World Cup, as players are representing a country and not a "brand," Dreyfus decided to forgo poker advertising for the inaugural Masters).

While that rift continues to smolder Dreyfus confirmed that two new players will play in Soulier's and Pollak's stead:

Singer Bruel, who's had an astounding seven albums go to #1 in France, is the lowest-ranked player to be added but is no poker slouch with a WSOP bracelet in 1998 (!) to his credit along with a 4th at the WPT LAPC in 2014.

The complete French team now consists of Erwann Pecheux, Sylvain Loosli, ElkY, Paul Tedeschi and Bruel.

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