Daily 3-Bet: Bracelet Found, Gigi Pounds, What Full Tilt Did

What remains of Duhamel's WSOP bracelet.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jonathan Duhamel’s bracelet turning up in a dumpster, WPT runner-up Gigi Gagne getting her drink on and we see the Full Tilt debacle from a few perspectives.

1) Jonathan Duhamel’s WSOP Bracelet Found in Dumpster

Bracelet back! (sort of.)

French poker site Prince Poker reported this morning that Montreal police have found Jonathan Duhamel’s stolen WSOP championship bracelet in, well, less than mint condition.

Police say Denis Theriault, an employee of a street-cleaning company in Montreal, found it in the residue from a sweep of the Ville-Marie tunnel last Wednesday.

Unfortunately it's pretty beat up. The bracelet chain is missing and the engraving on the back is pretty mangled.

Duhamel, who said from the get-go he was more concerned about the sentimental value, says he is grateful regardless of the condition and looks forward to recovering the rest of it.

The bracelet, a Rolex watch and about $150,000 were stolen from Duhamel in a vicious home invasion set-up by his ex-girlfriend in mid-December.

Her and two accomplices are set for sentencing later this week.

Read the full report on the bracelet find here.

2) WPT Seminole Runner-Up Gigi Gagne Fueled by Vodka Tonics

Good times for Gagne. Photo: BJ Nemeth, World Poker Tour

Fans following last week’s WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open were privy to one of the most fun and engaging stories this year on the WPT.

One of the chip leaders for most of the tournament and the eventual runner-up, Diane “Gigi” Gagne made even bigger waves with her great table presence and unconventional theories on poker play – mainly never bluffing.

As it turns out, she was also inspired by vodka tonics and new love.

In a great piece by South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Nick Sortal, Gagne says she tipped a few vodka tonics to help her through the 10-hour days ("It makes me play bolder,” she said) and a good luck charm in the form of a necklace a new beau gave her.

"He's my spiritual advisor and my soul mate rolled into one," she said of Richard Kess, the man she met the Thursday before the tournament and who took her to dinner and Angelo Dundee’s funeral (yep) on their first two dates.

Gagne took home $158k for her runner-up finish. She plans to take a trip with Kess and play WPT Vienna in April with her winnings.

3) What Full Tilt Poker Did

We’re never ones to skip out on an internet meme (despite being several steps slow) so here’s our take on the latest “what xxxx thinks I do” hype.

Share with your friends if you like. Or not. We’re cool with it being played out already.

The world moves so fast these days.

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