Daily 3-Bet: Booth Drool, Hellmuth Rules, WCOOP Exodus

Phil Hellmuth
Fan of the foot wedge.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an unseen foot wedge from the trees with no penalty stroke in the long slog around the afternoon poker news links.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jean-Robert Bellande, of all people, busting Brad Booth’s chops, Phil Hellmuth playing to his own set of rules again and poker players the world over on the move for the upcoming WCOOP.

1) Bellande Giddy About Booth, Ausmus in Aria Mixed Game

It’s not often Jean-Robert Bellande can look around a high-stakes poker table and confidently say he has an edge in the game.

In fact, it’s not ever really – with the possible exception of last night at Aria.

Warranted or not, Bellande was pretty much drooling at the fact Yukon Brad Booth, 2012 WSOP October Niner Jeremy Ausmus and Mike ‘The Mouth” Matusow were willing to play some high-stakes mixed games with him:

How’d it turn out? Well, not good for Ausmus:

But at least he has 700k in WSOP money keeping him solvent.

Matusow, who says he’s been crushing lately but struggled heavily after the FTP debacle, and Booth, dealing with his own debt and gambling problems, unfortunately can't say the same.

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2) Hellmuth Double Standard Applies to Golf Too

As we all know, Phil Hellmuth – legendary purveyor of “White Magic” at the poker table – believes there are basically two sets of rules when playing poker.

Those that apply to everyone else, and those that apply to him.

Playing a round with Daniel Negreanu and poker agent Brian Balsbaugh yesterday, the Hellmuth rules were again in effect – meaning everyone else plays it where it lies and Hellmuth gets to kick it a foot or two when needed.

By the looks of the video, his white magic is limited to his translucent legs on the golf course:

3) Negreanu, Pros Exit for WCOOP

Shane Schleger calls it his favorite tournament series. Daniel Negreanu now values it so much he’s skipping the WSOPE for it.

For anyone under the age of 21, it's really their equivalent to the World Series of Poker.

It’s the WCOOP – the World Championship of Online Poker – and it starts Sunday on PokerStars.

With 65 tournaments over 22 days, $30 million guaranteed and reasonable buy-ins all over the place, it’s pretty easy to see why poker players are nuts for it.

Just how important is it on a poker player's calendar?

Enough that most are willing to pick up and move around the world, whatever the cost, just to play it:

Follow along with daily recaps and live WCOOP Radio in our WCOOP news section starting Sunday.

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