Daily 3-Bet: BOM Dream, BOM Pick-Up, BOM Love

Giovanni Rizzo
Giovanni Rizzo: We'd marry him too.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a Raggamuffin hat, a Bomboklaat Mojito and some big ups to/from Jah at the afternoon poker news reggae bar.

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Today in a special PokerListings Battle of Malta-themed 3-Bet we find Costa Rican Julio Velasquez making the epic journey to live out a poker dream, Pick-Up Artist Sasha Daygame getting the third degree from a skeptical Kara Scott and Italian poker pro Giovanni Rizzo sharing his love for the island.

1) Julio Velasquez: Bringing it Home for His 2-Month-Old Son

We were amazed last year at how far some players came just to play the Battle of Malta and this year seems no different with dozens of players from around the world flying in for BOM.

Costa Rican Julio Velasquez has definitely covered some major miles to make it here and has even more incentive to make it worth his while:

2) Sasha Daygame Gets the Gears, Holds His Ground

Famed "pick-up artist" Sasha Daygame likely has a different objective than Velasquez does at BOM but it didn't keep him from hitting the tables for at least a short while on Day 1a.

He didn't last too long (see what we did there?), going out on an ill-timed bluff with ace-high, but he did spend some time with Kara Scott afterwards defending the pick-up game.

He didn't quite steal her from her fiancé, Giovanni Rizzo, but he did at least get her to agree to be friends -- which given her extreme skepticism of his craft, seems like something he'll take as a win.

3) Giovanni Rizzo: Guy We'd Definitely Like to Have a Drink With

Speaking of Kara Scott's significant other, she used her hosting charms to entice fiancé and Italian poker pro Giovanni Rizzo to the mic for an interview and if after this two-minute clip you don't want to move to Italy and marry him yourself, you're stronger than we are.

Seems like a really good dude is what we're saying. By the sounds of it he's been enjoying his time in Malta at one of his favorite watering holes and, if we're lucky, just might become a BOM regular.

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