Daily 3-Bet: Boeree Slip, Investing Gift, WPT Old Guns

Liv Boeree
Boeree: Axe nerd slipping.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a slowly accelerating banjo riff in the face of some uppity interlopers from the afternoon poker news city.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree lamenting the loss of her fine motor skills, rich investors stealing from poker players and the WPT Young Guns of 2004 showing their age.

1) Liv Boeree: Metal Guitar is a Cruel Mistress

Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree has won the hearts of poker nerds for several reasons, not the least of which is her love of heavy metal and acumen on the guitar.

She’s dropped a few jaws with her metal riffs before (see video below), but accoridng to her latest blog post a couple of years on the poker circuit have left her more Janis Ian than Scott Ian:

“A few years ago at the height of my axe-nerding, my left and right hands would communicate in near-perfect synergy. Now, they belong to different people.

“The right hand is still half-reasonable, its dexterity perhaps maintained by incessant chip riffling and typing on an iPhone.

“The left hand however has become some redundant object that flaps around blindly along the neck of the guitar, ignorant to whatever signals my once powerful guitar-brain attempts to send it. Sigh.”

Since she doesn’t like “not being good at things,” Boeree says she's going deep into practice mode before the WSOP to get her chops back.

Read her full post here; check one of her finer guitar moments below:

2) Investing is Very Much Like Playing Poker, Rich Guy Says

Brandon Adams
What would Brandon Adams do?

Want to make a ton of money investing? All you have to do is think like a poker player, Rob Russell says.

In his latest Smarter Investor column, Russell says he was impressed by the poker skills of a fellow financial advisor and thinks the same skills that make a poker player great apply to being a great investor.

Those traits:

  • Knowing the odds
  • Knowing when to fold
  • Not betting with scared money
  • Checking your emotions
  • Having a disciplined strategy

As Russell says, "If you can apply all of these common traits, then you’ll have an edge over the vast majority of investors and financial advisers.”

Easy peasy, then.

Now get out there and buy some Facebook stock. We saw a movie about it once, looks like a real up-and-comer.

3) WPT Young Guns Not So Young Anymore

In honor of the WPT announcing its Season XI schedule and tomorrow's WPT Championship, we dug up this old clip from the “WPT Young Guns” special in 2004.

Highlighting the best players under 25 at the time, eight years on it’s kinda startling how impressive a lineup it really was – and that none of them at 22-24 would really even qualify as "young guns" anymore (thanks Annette_15).

The line-up:

  • David Williams
  • Scott Fischman
  • Thomas "Thunder" Keller
  • Joe Cassidy
  • Pete Lawson
  • John D’Agostino

Still a tough table today, really, depending on whether Joe Cassidy is on your left. Let's go to the clip:

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