Daily 3-Bet: Blom + Brolin, Luongo the Grinder, MTL Heavyweights

Roberto Luongo
Does Luongo have a future in poker?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an empty arena, a lot of action in the neutral zone and plenty of time to contemplate your afternoon poker news grinding future.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Viktor Blom back at it at the Unibet cash game with footballer Tomas Brolin, Roberto Luongo hints at his future in poker and the High Rollers get into it for a title belt at WPT Montreal.

1) Blom, Brolin, Boatman = Gold

If you watched the Unibet Golden Cash Game yesterday you were, we'd think, likely highly entertained.

Besides the standard thrilling play of Viktor Blom we also got to see things get spectacularly boozy and a 600BB AK > AA heartbreaker.

Thankfully they're back at it again today from Aspers Casino in London with a new cast of characters entirely - except for the returning Blom!

He's back to keep the railbirds tittering breathlessly with an interesting crew including the delightful Barny Boatman, former Swedish footballer Tomas Brolin, Nicolas Levi and more. Check the stream below!

2) Roberto Luongo, Poker Pro?

We've followed Florida Panther goalie Roberto Luongo pretty closely when he's played at the World Series of Poker, and especially in 2013 when he was looking to make a return trip to the payouts in the Main Event.

It didn't work out for him that summer but after watching him play a bit closer we can definitely say he's not your average "athlete playing poker."

Roberto Luongo
Some serious grinding in his future?

Back then, when he was playing for the Vancouver Canucks, he not only had the benefit of playing in a country where online poker is fully accessible he even played in a province that has its own goverment-run poker site (which bought him into the Main Event).

Now that he's in hockey/online poker exile in Florida, however, it's getting a bit harder to get his time in on the felt.

Thankfully it hasn't tempered his passion for the game as he tells the Yahoo! Puck Daddy blog he might take his poker career to the next level when his hockey days are over:

Shifting gears completely, are you going to be a competitive poker player after you retire?

Yeah, right now we’re having some issues playing poker, I can’t play in the states. I can’t play as much as I used to when I was in Canada, but it is something I definitely have a passion for. It is something I’ll be going for it if I have a chance once I retire.

Though he makes his home in Florida now Luongo did grow up in Montreal, which we all know is a hotbed of great poker and could draw him back to play online.

More from Yahoo! here. If you don't follow his fantastic @strombone1 Twitter account yet either, here's your opportunity.

3) $200k and a Title Belt

Speaking of Montreal ... while the main field plays down to what is shaping up to be a stacked final table today the $10,000 High Roller heavyweights are also throwing down.

About 24 players are left right now with big names like Jason Mercier, Darren Elias, Pascal Lefrancois, Scott Clements, Eugene Katchalov and more still in contention.

Just under $200k is on the table for the champ along with this pretty spectacular heavyweight title belt.

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