Daily 3-Bet: Blanking Lederer, WSOP Superteams, Jungleman 4 Real

Xuan Liu 1 2015 WSOP
Xuan awaits.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a gigantic tub of popcorn, a baby-soft snuggie and a wide-open schedule for must-see afternoon poker news TV.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a communal interest in busting Howard Lederer, poker superteams getting ready to tag in and Jungleman Dan Cates really steps into the cube.

1) Rooting for Zeros

The return of Full Tilt pariahs Howard Lederer and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson to the WSOP this summer has been met with fairly modest vitriol.

Howard Lederer
Definitely has anti-sweaters.

A vocal contingent showed itself when Ferguson final-tabled the $10k Six-Max, but when he busted 4th not much else came of it.

Things got tense again yesterday when Lederer went deep in the $50k Player's Championship before bowing out in 17th.

Thankfully, to many, that was short of making the money:

Given how many events the two have played so far this summer it seems inevitable another deep run will materialize - and there are plenty of intriguing events left for it to happen.

The $25k PLO? The $111k One Drop? The ultimate troll team in the inaugural Tag Team event? We can't even imagine how things will take shape if one or both get a stack in the Main Event.

Stay tuned; this simmering tension might explode yet.

2) Tagging In for a Bracelet

Speaking of that Tag Team event, things get underway tomorrow in the unique $1k buy-in with teams of 2-4 players that can tag in at any point they're not in a hand.

Kyle Julius and Friends IMG 5997
Would be a sick team, right?

Teams must register together but each player will still get their own bracelet if they win.

Given the amount of talent circling the Rio on any given day the mind reels at the Durant-Curry-esque superteam possibilities, although with the $25k PLO starting later in the day it will take a few names off the list.

Still, for those looking for an unusual (and likely pretty fun) way of tasting WSOP gold, this should be appealing.

Check the WSOP updates for a list of teams starting at 11 am.

3) Ball vs. Nanonoko, Jungleman vs. Xuan

Last week's supposed Jungleman Cube appearance turned out to be a false alarm but we can say with a bit more confidence he is now definitely in Las Vegas and should hit the Cube later today.

His opponent? Xuan Liu of the conference-leading Montreal Nationals.

That is definitely an intriguing match-up, and perhaps the first "must-see" event of the GPL Summer Series since Aaron Paul's debut in Week 1. Check it out below:

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