Daily 3-Bet: Bilzerian + Lance, How to Build a Bot, Born Standing

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a discreet support van, a fresh vial of EPO and all the plausible denial you need to pass afternoon poker news doping tests.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan Bilzerian's bike bet roping in Lance Armstrong, how to build an unbeatable poker bot and an ambitious plug to make the GPL cut.

1) Lance Trains, Selbst In

If you're looking for a cycling coach to help you train for a $600k bike bet you could probably do worse than Lance Armstrong.

PEDs aside, he knows some stuff about long-distance cycling.

The hard-won contacts of social media darling Dan Bilzerian are paying off big time as he's now been able to enlist Armstrong - via Joe Rogan - to help him train for his imminent Vegas-LA ride.

Beyond roping in the multiple-time Tour de France winner the bet itself has expanded to include a 15-hour challenge for Lance himself. poker IT girl Sam Abernathy and Vanessa Selbst.

Take off date seems to be March 10 with Selbst's bet worth $200k. Tweet updates below:

So this is getting pretty interesting. We'll keep an eye on how it progresses/any changes.

2) How to Build Unbeatable Poker Bot? Make It Human

From the unveiling of "unbeatable" poker bot Cepheus to heads-up beast Tartanian to the epic Brains vs. AI challenge we've gained a lot of appreciation for the evolution of computerized poker bots over the past few years.


According to a new piece in The Atlantic, what's the next step in its evolution? Making it more human. From the article:

"With computer programs cleaning up at chess, checkers, and now poker, it might be tempting to argue that humans can no longer compete at such games ... Ask the human to perform a calculation, and he’d be much slower, not to mention more error prone, than the computer.


"Even so, there are still some situations that bots struggle with. When playing Jeopardy!, IBM’s Watson found the short clues the most difficult ... Watson would beat a human contestant in a race to solve a long, complicated clue, but the human would prevail if there were only a few words to go by.


"The same is true of poker. Bots need time to study their opponents, learning—and then learning to exploit—their betting styles. In contrast, human professionals are able to evaluate other players much more quickly.


"'Humans are good at making assumptions about an opponent with very little data,' Schaeffer said."

Read the full piece here.

3) Justin Oliver, #1 at Standing

When the Global Poker League was first announced back in 2015 plenty of naysayers said it would be hard to drum up enough players to field one team, let alone eight (now 12).

While 203 players opting in for the inaugural draft this week and so much interest they've expanded the rosters of each team, that's clearly not an issue.

So much so, in fact, exceptionally talented poker players like Justin Oliver are even making audition tapes to tout their value as a pick.

For Oliver, his clear edge is his ability to stand. And weak Vegans like Daniel Negreanu need not apply:

We'd pick him. No question. More on the Draft here.

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