Daily 3-Bet: Billion $ Russia, Fat Boy Bilzerian, Bay101 Skycam

Time to beef down.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pint of rocky road, a big squeeze of Hersey syrup and a tap on the afternoon poker news wrist to put the spoon down.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the looming, big-money legalization of online poker in Russia, some helpful advice for poker bad boy Dan Bilzerian and Mike Sexton live on the Bay 101 eye in the sky.

1) In Soviet Russia, Aces = Zeros

Officially, of course, poker is currently considered illegal in Russia except in "certain regulated locations."

They know about the Wolverines, right?

Unofficially, of course, Russians make up an astronomical 8.5% of PokerStars current player base and dozens of Russian live pros dominate payout tables from Dublin to Tbilisi on a weekly basis.

There's also, you know, a complete team from Moscow entered in the brand new Global Poker League.

So despite the grey area poker's a pretty big deal in Russia. And, it seems, according to a new piece in the International Business Times, about to become one of the most important tipping points in the global poker industry.

Long story short: Russia appears to be on the verge of declaring poker a skill game/mind sport and begun doling out gaming licenses/setting up online payment processors.

Their incentive, of course? The tax dollars, which writer Paul Keetch says could be in the billions. With a B.

If Russia takes the lead and starts raking in the rubles, Keetch also says, other nations may follow. More here.

2) Armstrong to Bilzerian: Stop Eating, Fattie

If the original timeline is still in place the circa 300 mile, $600,000 cycling bet between Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins is supposed to begin this Thursday.

The terms: Bilzerian (along with Sam Abernathy and, maybe, Vanessa Selsbt) has to cycle from Las Vegas to LA in under 48 hours.

As you might already know, Bilzerian enlisted none other than PED-fueled Tour de France crusher Lance Armstrong to help him train. So far, baby steps:

Bilzerian did make it through SEAL training, though - twice even - so who knows what he's capable of? This'll be fascinating to watch.

Screen Shot 2016 03 07 at 11.43.00 AM
Ride Danny Ride

3) Bay 101 Underway; Live Stream Below

Ever wanted to watch Mike Sexton and Cate Hall play silently with their phones in between hands on a skycam?

Today is your lucky day! Day 1A of the truly awesome Bay 101 Shooting Stars event is underway today from San Jose and there's a live stream, Live at the Bike style, on Twitch for your viewing pleasure.

So far that pleasure consists of a lot of phone play and small pots at 75/150, but we expect the action to pick up. For those into it, get more action-filled posts over on the WPT Live Updates. Stream below:

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