Daily 3-Bet: Better Call Lederer, Bilzerian Family $, Gus No Mas?

Howard Lederer
Matusow says "Call Howard"

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike "The Mouth" Matusow firing back at Ted Forrest with a suggestion for getting his prop-bet money, the Bilzerian family bankroll gets a closer examination and rumors circle of Gus Hansen moving on from Full Tilt Poker.

1) Matusow: Call Howard

So that Mike Matusow vs. Ted Forrest thing we mentioned on Monday ... it got a little heated again this morning.

Saying he "just got back on Twitter" Matusow responded in rapid-fire fashion to the original tweets from Forrest about him owing $1.7m in their weight-loss bet. We won't post the whole exchange here but these are the essentials. Check the full rant here.

For his part Forrest seems to be sticking to his original assertions:

2) Dan Bilzerian, Suitcase Guy

The Wall Street Journal double-dipped into the Bilzerian family pool today with parallel stories about the world-famous Paul-Dan father-son duo.

Add "suitcase guy" to Bilzerian mystique.

In the Dan-centered piece writer Brad Reagan tries to get at the origins of his poker bankroll and drops this amazing nugget:

"Mr. Bilzerian was little known in 2007 when he showed up in a Lake Tahoe, Nev., casino carrying a suitcase stuffed with cash and looking for a game, recalls Todd Witteles, a Las Vegas-based poker professional. Other players dubbed him 'suitcase guy.' Mr. Bilzerian says that description of his arrival 'sounds right.'"

In the Paul-centered piece Reagan and co-writer Michael Rothfeld delve into the elder Bilzerian's epic feud with the SEC and US government and the startling revelation that he may have actually won:

" ...25 years after Mr. Bilzerian became a Wall Street felon, the Securities and Exchange Commission is quitting the fight, winding down its quest to collect a $62 million civil judgment against him for securities fraud. The tally from a court-appointed SEC receiver: about $3.7 million collected, and $8.6 million spent in the effort to collect."

It's hard to pick which is more fascinating.

3) Gus In or Out?

Gus Hansen
Much-needed respite for Hansen?

Much consternation has been felt among fans about the ever-popular Gus Hansen's precipitous downswing since the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker.

Recently sinking under the eye-popping number of -$20m speculation, naturally, has centered around just how long Gus can keep it up.

Despite multiple sources of offline income for Gus dropping $20m is a massive hurdle to anyone and, without sounding too melodramatic, people have been waiting for the final blow that knocks Gus out of the game.

That may or may not have happened this weekend. Expected to play a well-promoted $50k heads-up showdown with fellow pro Viktor Blom, Hansen didn't show up for the event after another, albeit small, losing week.

A Full Tilt rep later cited "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason Gus didn't play. Jake Cody stepped in in his absence.

We hope it's just as simple as that rather than part of a longer-term break from the felt for one of poker's greats.

A request is in with FTP for more info. Stay tuned.

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