Daily 3-Bet: Benefield Zag, Merson Exit, McEvoy Howl

David Benefield

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a timely five-bet, a fortuitous river and just the right thing to say when you get your moment in the afternoon poker news sun.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find David Benefield pre-emptively dodging a $200k tax hit (and maybe doing some good in the process), Greg Merson bowing out as reigning WSOP champ and we revisit Poker Hall of Famer Tom McEvoy's tremendous victory yelp.

1) David Benefield to WSOP: Can I Donate the Bracelet?

One of the less obvious downsides to winning a World Championship bracelet valued at $500,000? Paying taxes on it. Especially if you're not really the fancy memento/bling-wearing type.

November Niner David Benefield is apparently neither of those and has a pretty ingenius way of getting around the whole scenario - at least if the WSOP supports the idea:

Despite some concerns about the disposability of a WSOP bracelet these days, the WSOP is prepared to consider it:

By the sounds of ensuing tweets it seems a charity auction may be in play but there's still a big 'if" involved - as in if Benefield wins the bracelet.

Given he's the short stackgoing in the odds are a bit long but if anyone can do it Benefield can. Tune in here at 5 pm PT to find out how it shakes out.

2) Merson Ends Reign as Champ, Applauds WSOP Brand

Greg Merson

In 48 hours or so a new name will be dominating the poker headlines so before it's too late we're gonna pay one last tribute to 2012 WSOP champ Greg Merson.

Not-so-keen on the spotlight and spending much of the year playing cash games in Macau, Merson was still a pleasant and positive ambassador for poker.

He's also a pretty good dude by all accounts and he definitely brought some people into the game in Maryland, at least. Going out with class, he's also got nothing but fine words for the WSOP brand:

So that's cool. Also cool to remember: Merson won the $10k Six-Max NL bracelet for $1.3 million right before the Main Event last year.

That's one of the most phenomenal achievements in all of poker history in our books. Thanks to Greg for any and all time he's spent giving interviews and sharing his love for the game.

3) McEvoy Outburst in 1983 Still Pretty Funny

In honor of the induction of Scotty Nguyen and Tom McEvoy into the Poker Hall of Fame last night here's some footage of McEvoy winning his Main Event bracelet in 1983.

Skip to the 42-minute mark if all you want is the crazy whoop and Doyle Brunson/Texas call out in the winner's interview. It's pretty golden.

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