Daily 3-Bet: Bay 101 Bustos, Ivey Gusto, How Selbst Does It

Vanessa Selbst
So, smart decisions you say?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a 10-day juice cleanse, a new gym pass and an immediate buy-out of an ill-fated afternoon poker news no-booze bet.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find big names and bounties dropping like flies at Bay 101, Phil Ivey gets after it in the gym and Tony Dunst explains what separates Vanessa Selbst from the rest of us when it comes to making final tables.

1) Those Who Won't Win $1.25m, We Salute You

With a record-setting field now finalized at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star a full 72 players will get paid and a tantalizing $1.25m will greet the winner on Friday night.

These fine players, however, will not be partaking of any of it.

Plenty of big names and Shooting Stars remain, though, at what's quickly becoming a top 5 stop on the global circuit; catch the action with the WPT Live Updates here.

2) Ivey on Bilzerian, Hitting the Gym, Liking Wine

We swear this is the last Ivey post for a while (ok, we don't really) but we couldn't leave you hanging without the last two parts of his recent Bluff interview. Cliffs in case you can't be bothered to watch another Ivey clip:

  • He doesn't know Dan Bilzerian and doesn't really care if he thinks he's broke
  • His main poker pals? Daniel, Barry, Patrik
  • Likes wine too much to try the no-booze prop bet
  • He's completely fine waiting to get into the Poker Hall of Fame

If you can handle even more on Ivey here's an in-depth feature from Bluff that includes his thoughts on Howard Lederer and more.

3) Why Vanessa Selbst Makes Final Tables and We Don't

Want to know why Vanessa Selbst is a poker gazillionaire and repeatedly makes the final tables of the biggest poker events in the world?

WPT Raw Deal host Tony Dunst pretty much nails it in this "How Does She Do It" segment:

We've heard so much about these "good decisions" we're thinking about trying it ourselves.

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