Daily 3-Bet: FTP Signs Kennedy, LA Poker Mecca, Soulja Boy WPF

The Commerce Casino
Commerce Casino, LA poker epicenter

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three jumps back, a Superman and the catchiest afternoon poker news single you've heard since 2004.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a new Player Ambassador signed to Full Tilt Poker, Los Angeles as a future poker mecca and Soulja Boy's World Poker Fund rumbling to life.

1) Kennedy New FTP Ambassador

We talked to Full Tilt Poker Managing Director just a couple of weeks ago at the WSOP about FTP's exciting new focus on recreational players.


This week they've added a new Player Ambassador to help make the transition a smooth one for all players.

A Black Card pro and reigning high-stakes Rush Poker king Marc "@Playinwitdreams" Kennedy is the new "man on the ground," so to speak, to help give players a voice on the ongoing transformation:

"My role at Full Tilt is not as a Pro in the traditional sense – my job is to act as a Player Ambassador and to consult on possible changes that will have an effect on players at the site. I’m here, to be YOUR voice.

"I can’t promise you that even the greatest ideas will always be implemented ... I can promise you, though, that the best ideas and the biggest issues will be voiced directly to the people that have the power to say yes"

Among his active duties Kennedy will be streaming micro-stakes Rush Poker on both the FTP Twitch channel and his own with an open forum to discuss any and all changes you'd like to see.

More on Kennedy's poker story can be found on his blog. Full Full Tilt Poker review here.

2) 1,000 Poker Tables in LA by 2016?

We know PokerStars is fully invested in letting Californians play online poker sooner rather than later. And Hollywood celebs from Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck to Chris Masterson and Laura Prepon throw cards around with serious regularity.

Bicycle Casino
Big changes coming for Cali poker.

But Los Angeles taking over from Vegas as the mecca of American poker? It's not as far-fetched as it sounds, according to Live at the Bike creator Robert Turner.

The long-time poker player/casino marketer says in a new post a "Los Angeles Poker Explosion" is imminent with four major casino expansions underway in Southern California.

Popular spots all working on expansion/renovation projects include the famed Commerce Casino, The Bicycle Casino (7-story, 100-room hotel added), The Gardens Casino (building "largest poker facility in the world," apparently) and Hollywood Park ("state-of-the-art poker room" opening in 2016).

Take it all with a grain of salt, of course, but add it up and Turner says it'll be "a thousand tables all within 20 minutes of each other in Los Angeles."

Pretty sweet, if it happens.

3) What is Soulja Boy's World Poker Fund?

Speaking of highly speculative poker ventures with a Los Angeles connection ... we're trying to figure out exactly what rapper Soulja Boy's (he of the famed Crank That) new World Poker Fund venture is and what it will entail.

Poo Bear and the Biebs.

Here's what we can gather so far:

-- Two poker reality shows in the works including Poker Boss and America Loves Poker

-- Up to $500,000 in contracts are available to be won through a WPF final this Fall

-- Celebs including NFL receiver De'Anthony Thomas, Music Producer Poo Bear and Miss Vietnam will play in Poker Boss

-- The World Poker Fund will involve a series of non-cash MTTs to find players to sponsor, an online poker platform in Ca. when legalized, an Entertainment division and Casino Development/Operations

-- Poker shows are being filmed on location at the Lure Hollywood Nightclub and the Supper Club Los Angeles

So, yeah. Curious to see what that will all add up to. Sounds intriguing, though. More here.

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