Daily 3-Bet: Azerbaijan FTW, CEOs = Poker Bosses, WPT to GOP

Champion Ilkin Garibli
Ilkin Garibli by Joe Giron

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at an Azerbaijanian winning big at the PCA, James McManus chiming in on poker-playing CEOs and a hilarious clip of a congressman playing poker.

1) Garibili Snags Record-Breaking $25k PCA Title for $1.1m

Scott Seiver
Scott Seiver out in fourth.

The unheralded Ilkin Garibli beat a star-studded final table to win $1.1 million and become this year’s $25k High Roller PCA Champ.

Incredibly Garibli, who hails from Azerbaijan, was playing in his first official tournament but he still outlasted high roller experts Scott Seiver, Joe Kuether and Faraz Jaka.

With the victory Garibli soared to the top of the Azerbaijan all-time winners in tournament winnings even though he’s only played one event.

The turning point for Garibli was when he busted Scott Seiver in fourth place. Garibli had the good fortune of four-flushing Seiver’s set of sevens.

It was the last event of the 2015 PCA and we’ll have to wait another year for more poker action from the Bahamas.

Here are the final-table payouts (*reflects a two-way deal):

  • 1. Ilkin Garibli (Azerbaijan) $1,105,040*
  • 2. Joe Kuether (United States) $1,050,000*
  • 3. Oleksii Khoroshenin (Ukraine) $629,460
  • 4. Jean-Pascal Savard (Canada) $508,080
  • 5. Scott Seiver (United States) $398,340
  • 6. Nick Petrangelo (United States) $301,500
  • 7. Faraz Jaka (United States) $221,440
  • 8. Dan Heimiller (United States) $162,700

2) McManus: CEOs Understand Poker Better Than Most

James McManus
James McManus

Over the last few years (especially with the rise of One Drop) there’s been an almost endless stream of stories about why CEOs make good poker players.

Well James McManus, author of iconic poker book Positively Fifth Street, decided to wade into the pool of conjecture with his own article for Bloomberg on the subject this week.

The story centers around CEO Curt Kohlberg, who has won more than $2.8 million playing poker.

Kohlberg compared closing deals to assessing an opponent at the tables.

"Negotiating business deals can be gruelling but you need the same concentration and stamina to go deep in a weeklong tournament. Sizing up opponents, being right far more often than not, adjusting tactics based on incomplete information to new players sitting across from you. At some point you have to go all-in with a hand or a bluff. Being wrong can be very expensive.”

You can read the entire article here.

3) Poker-Playing Rep. Blaise Ingoglia Running for GOP Chairman

We didn’t even know that former WPT final table finisher Blaise Igoglia was a congressman for the state of Florida but now he’s running for Florida GOP chairman.

In a funny twist his opponents have started showing a clip of his play at the final table of the 2006 WPT Borgata event. You can view the clip below but two observations first:

  • 1. His fashion sense has gotten slightly better.
  • 2. Do you really want someone who needs a miracle queen on the river as your federal representative?

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