Daily 3-Bet: Aussie Gamble, American Whales, 'Poker Fame is Stupid'

Robert Salaburu
Rob Salaburu: "Poker fame is stupid"

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pair of dark shades, a hired goon and the sudden realization no one cares who you are at the afternoon poker news Piggly Wiggly.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Australians topping the global list of gambling nations, Americans doing their fair share of gamble in the Aussie Millions $100k and former November Niner Rob Salaburu gets real about "poker fame."

1) Aussies Play the Pokies, Yanks Play the Tables

In case you missed this "Daily Chart" from The Economist this week on the state of the world's gambling preferences, here it is below.

In short: Aussies gamble more than anyone per capita (mostly on the pokies), Americans still blow the most (by far) and the Finns do it "interactively."


More analysis from The Economist here.

2) Negreanu, Haxton in for $500k in Crazy Aussie Millions $100k

Isaac Haxton
Not so great to be Ike right now.

Speaking of the gamble...

It's only fitting since Aussies and Americans top the charts in losses per capita and $ volume, respectively, that the ongoing $100k Challenge at the Aussie Millions is shattering records for poker insanity.

A certifiably crazy 66 entries have already hit the books with Daniel Negreanu and Isaac Haxton both putting in five (5!) bullets so far.

Negreanu, at least, is still alive at the end of Day 1 with around 221,000 in chips (starting stack is 300k) but Haxton busted all five.

Registration is also still open until the start of Day 2 so even more money could hit the payout table (which is still to be announced).

Mike "Timex" McDonald - coincidentally the subject of our feature story yesterday about his triumphant return to poker - is the current chip leader.

Ivey, Esfandiari, Blom, Antonius, durrrr... they're all still alive, too, with 29 players left.

Rob Salaburu
Still anonymous in the melon aisle.

3) Rob Salaburu: "Poker Fame is Stupid"

Remember 2012 WSOP October Niner Rob Salaburu? Of course you do, since he's one of those lightning rod, camera-worthy "poker personalities" everyone's been talking about so much this week.

He's not featured here because he weighed in on the great personality debate, though - he just happened to be featured in a nice Card Player interview where he touches on some of the absurdities of being a "poker celebrity." An excerpt:

“Whenever I’m in casinos, I’ll get the random poker fans who come up and want to take a picture. But I find that to be really awkward.



"Poker fame is stupid. I mean, really, who cares? It’s funny when some of these guys get on TV and think they are some kind of celebrity.



"I’m not Brad Pitt or anything. Outside of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and a couple other players, there are no real poker celebrities.



"Those guys will get recognized at the grocery store, but I’m just a guy who happened to make a final table one year.”

Read the full interview here.

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