Daily 3-Bet: AP Flusher, Moneymaker Debt, Mercier Insane

Mercier: Crazy or confident?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a less-than-glowing review for the latest Ben Mezrich book about Absolute Poker, a last (we swear) look at the debt we all owe to Chris Moneymaker and a growing suspicion Jason Mercier might have gone over the edge with his WSOP confidence.

1) Mezrich Mezriches Absolute Poker Story

Fans of salacious “non-fiction” bestsellers are likely well aware of author Ben Mezrich’s knack for fudging the facts a little for the sake of a flashier story.

Bringing Down the House and Busting Vega$ (about MIT BlackJack teams) or The Accidental Billionaires (his Facebook exposé that became the basis of The Social Network) are good examples of the stories he likes to fudge best – ones with money, greed and a side of sex in them, basically.

The rise and fall of Absolute Poker, then, is a natural fit for him for his new book Straight Flush.

Absolute gets kid gloves from Mezrich.

Digging into the lives of Scott Tom, Brent Beckley and the rest of the AP founders Mezrich’s take comes off as a tale of young, ambitious frat boys unfairly persecuted.

Parts of which may or may not be true, but either way the storytelling didn’t sit well with NY Times critic Janet Maslin, whose review of the book – and Mezrich’s hackneyed prose - is less than flattering. A sample:

“He is expert at making up conversations he did not hear, sexing up parties he did not attend, pumping up the thrills of getting rich quick and playing down the legal liabilities of characters who may have done a teeny bit of innocent law-bending or moral compromising on their ways to the top. If he has a single favorite sentence, it is this, best savored slowly: Billionaires.'"

Then she gets a bit meaner. Check the full review here.

2) Thanks Again, Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker
Still perfect after all these years.

Ok, ok. We truly did think we were done recommending Chris Moneymaker retrospectives with yesterday's Grantland post but what can you do when another one pops up that’s too good to ignore? 

Stepping away from the actual play-by-play of the event, PokerStars Head of Blogging Brad Willis gets personal in his retrospective and delves into exactly what the Moneymaker decade has meant to him - a career change, travel, amazing friends etc.

He also makes the fantastic point that Moneymaker is still, a decade later, the perfect ambassador for the game:

"In an age where we're all looking for the best of our people to represent us to the straight world, Chris is still the perfect everyman. He is still the guy who can explain this game to normal people.

"Why? Because he is normal people. He's good people. And he's still good for the game."

Also making an appearance in this piece is Paul “Eskimo” Clark, which is always delightful. Read it here.

3) Mercier Offering 3-1 On Bracelet, Called “Insane”

So we know Jason Mercier has been on a Jason Mercier-esque heater of late, but he really seems to want to push the envelope with a few big bracelets bets on himself:

Which is, well, pretty sick. Insane to some, even.

We wouldn't go quite go that far, but bracelet bets are definitely a double-edged sword. And things could get costly if he whiffs altogether like he did last year.

Let's call him crazy like a fox and leave it at that. Check his tweet replies here.

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