Daily 3-Bet: Antonio Trap, EPT in 60 Secs, Bronx Poker

Ferrari rides on the table at EPT Grand Final.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a blue dress, a cigar tube and plausible denial of inappropriate relations in the afternoon poker news oval office.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a surprise subplot emerging in the Antonio Esfandiari no-sex prop bet, relive the 2013 European Poker Tour Grand Final in just 60 seconds and get a glimpse of probably the rawest poker reality series ever attempted.

1) Antonio Meets Clinton, All Bets Are Off


We knew Antonio Esfandiari ran in some elite circles from time to time (he is poker's all time leading money winner after all) but his latest Instagram snap surprised us.

Fresh from his recent trip to Stockholm where his now infamous "no sex for a year" prop bet materialized, Esfandiari parachuted into New York and found himself side-by-each with former President Bill Clinton.

How is this relevant to his prop bet?

We remember just how persuasive the former President can be. And with Bill Perkins' money, who knows what kind of trap Clinton might have set for the Magician?

If things get dicey for proof come payout time expect that blazer of Antonio's to be subpeonaed.

(Note: We apologize profusely for this but Monica Lewinsky joke opps 15 years after the fact are too much to pass up. We also live to make Arsenio Hall proud.)

2) EPT Grand Final: Gone Till Next April in 60 Seconds

Wonder what it's like to play the biggest tournament on the European Poker Tour in one of the most luxurious locales and most prestigious casinos in the world?

This 60-second clip from PokerStars sums it up very nicely. Now you just have to wait another eight months to get your shot.

3) South Bronx Poker: Intense

We've seen a lot of ham-fisted attempts at poker reality shows in the past (we're looking at you, Johnny Chan) but none of them are even in the same "real" ballpark as this one.

We're not exactly sure what stage of production if any this is in (there are seven short clips online) but if the teasers for South Bronx Poker can be believed this might be the "realest" poker reality show we've ever seen.

To paraphrase Xavier (aka Logic) from this clip: You don't see this on the ESPN channel. (Note: Viewer discretion advised.)

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