Daily 3-Bet: Angry Doyle, Broke Penthouse, Power Poker Poses

Doyle Brunson
Not one to give up easily.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a lifted chin, arms raised to the sky and two minutes that could change your afternoon poker news future.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Doyle Brunson getting back to what he does best, Jean-Robert Bellande owning a prison in the sky and a two-minute trick that could change the trajectory of your poker future.

1) Doyle: Doesn't Quit Twitter, Gets to Work

It's been a tough couple of weeks for the Godfather of Poker.

After being (fairly) scathed on Twitter for "unhero-ing" Bruce Jenner, Doyle Brunson was diagnosed with another case of melanoma and scheduled for his 12th major surgery.

You don't get a nickname like "The Godfather," though, if you're one who gives up easily and Brunson proved he's still got a little fight left in him this week too, despite some doubts about his health/Twitter.

Hold on to your bankrolls, Vegas pros. Doyle's coming for you.

2) JRB Owns an Empty Shell in the Sky

One of those Vegas regs who might want to steer clear of the mixed games this week?

Perennial poker punching bag Jean-Robert Bellande, whose been known to frequent the big games and, also frequently, leave without any money.

His down-on-his-luck spirit is hard to quash, though, and JRB kept his followers laughing this weekend with this hilarious pic of a penthouse he bought during one of his salad-day periods:

We're guessing it's in the stalled Fontainebleu tower, which might be nothing more than a teardown now.

Keep kicking at that football, JRB.

3) Change Your Pose, Change Your Poker Life

Thanks to our new strategy series you likely know there are a few Poker Power Moves that can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Did you also know there are a few Poker Power Poses that can make a big difference too?

If you've scoffed at Daniel Negreanu's visualization and goal-setting techniques maybe you can be swayed by this great TedTalk by Sociologist Amy Cuddy.

You can't change the cards but you can change your mind, your stress levels and your image at the table with just two minutes of posing.

Watch the full talk below: (H/t David Randall)

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