Daily 3-Bet: American DNegs, Lady Hellmuth, GPL Goes Hollywood

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a raised right hand, a solemn oath and inalienable, ad infinitum rights to afternoon poker news citizenship.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu switching allegiances, Phil Hellmuth switching genders and the Global Poker League puts up stakes in Los Angeles.

1) Land of the Vegan

Daniel Negreanu has long been Canada's beacon of light in the international poker world.

Sure, he's lived in Las Vegas for most of the past two decades, but that's never been an obstacle for Canadian fans to call him one of their own. They won't be able to for much longer, though.

Negreanu has long been a visible participant in America political debate (and least on social media) and it seems as though he's finally going to take the plunge to vote in the 2016 Presidential race:

Will America put up with a fully naturalized Negreanu? We'll soon see. Most importantly: he'll also finally be able to finally submit that Survivor audition tape we know he's been working on.

2) Hellmuth Drops in on Ladies Night

In other semi-divisive poker news another member of poker's Big Three, Phil Hellmuth, also tried out a new side of the fence recently.

Phil Hellmuth 5
Hello, ladies.

Poker Night in America's "Ladies Night 2" was filmed earlier this year at the Sugar House Casino near Philadelphia and Hellmuth was the only dude allowed to drop in for an orbit or two.

We've heard plenty on both sides of the discussion surrounding the "separation" of male and female players lately but it seems the Ladies Night formula makes for good TV ratings.

Regardless of the gender divide the talent pool was fully stocked for the show as it included Jessica Dawley, Sam Abernathy, Cate Hall, Jen Shahade, Christina Lindley and Jamie Kerstetter.

By the looks of the leaderboard the pots got plenty big, too. Look for Parts 1 and 2 on the PNIA website shortly.

3) Global Poker League Sets Up Shop in Los Angeles

It's still a bit difficult to visualize the full scale of the Global Poker League as it will launch/look in 2016 but a new GPL Studio in Los Angeles is real and, truth be told, pretty exciting to see.

After what was universally considered a snoozefest of a WSOP Main Event final table the fast-paced, Plexiglas-ensconsed, eSports-poker mash-up of the GPL could very well set poker on a new path and infiltrate a big new demographic. Bring it on.

4) Bonus 4-Bet: Alex Jacob in ToC Semi-Finals Tonight!

If you're following it former poker pro Alex Jacob had a dominating win the in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions quarter-finals last week and is back for his semi-final match-up tonight.

His opponents are Brennan Bushee and Vaughn Winchell. Check you local listings!

Alex Jacob Final

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