Daily 3-Bet: Alpha8 Fills, Deeb Nups, Ivey ME Time

0228 Shaun Deeb
Big congrats to Shaun Deeb.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an impromptu engagement, drive-thru wedding and Dollywood honeymoon with your afternoon poker news soulmate.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the A-list filling up for the first-ever $100k Alpha8 event in Florida later this month, Shaun Deeb putting down the OFC app just long enough to get married in Vegas and the start of ESPN's 2013 World Series of Poker coverage featuring Phil Ivey.

1) Seidel, Mercier, Cheong Confirmed for First Alpha8 $100k

Just how big will the new $100k, globetrotting World Poker Tour Alpha8 series be?

It's hard to say, really. Demand for $100k tournaments seems to be at an all-time high but we've seen these "elite high-roller" visions go south a few times already (albeit for different reasons.)

Joe Cheong
Cheong: Has a knack for high rollers.

Major TV coverage in the US starting in 2014 gives it a lot of hope, though. And we'll soon find out how the first one goes as the debut event is set for Aug. 26 in Florida.

If the first round of confirmed names is any indication, though, at least the first should be a good one. Confirmed so far :

  • Anthony Gregg
  • Daniel Alaei
  • Erik Seidel
  • Daniel Perper
  • David “Doc” Sands
  • Jason Koon
  • Thomas Hall
  • Jason Mercier
  • Joseph Cheong

Which guarantees at least one ridiculously tough table, anyway. More about the series here.

2) Shaun Deeb Stays in Fantasyland

On the heels of David Williams' recent nuptials another familiar high-stakes name has gone and tied the knot post-WSOP.

This time the lucky gentleman is PokerListings Easy Game fav Shaun Deeb.

In standard Deeb fashion, of course, the event seemed to come about pretty spontaneously and forced him to make a tough decision regarding his ongoing OFC obessesion.

Despite the conflicting pics we're pretty sure his wife is in the last one.

Shaun Deeb did not marry Joe Cheong. Which does make us a little sad, tbh.

3) Ivey Featured as ESPN WSOP Main Event Coverage Begins

It's here. It's here, it's here, it's here.

Sure, we get to see the World Series of Poker in real time every year but for our money there's nothing like ESPN's WSOP Main Event coverage.

It's what got us into poker, and it's a huge part of what keeps the excitement alive every year in our business. No one captures the drama of the event better and we never get tired of Norman Chad and Lon McEachern's banter.

Ok, maybe a little tired. But we couldn't be more excited for another couple of months of great moments starting tonight with Phil Ivey on the feature table.

There will also be a new Phil Hellmuth "White Magic" feature, which needs no more selling from us. Sneak preview of Ivey time below:

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