Daily 3-Bet: Affleck Cry Jersey, Tilly + Chucky, Doyle 30 for 30

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Return of Tiffany.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tattered doll, a needle and thread and just the right incantation to properly invoke the afternoon poker news voodoo ritual.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Matt Affleck expunging some bad memories, Jennifer Tilly reprising her role in Child's Play and Doyle Brunson narrowly missing an NBA career.

1) Donate or Trash Pile?

In 2010 Seattle-based poker pro Matt Affleck experienced one of the most traumatic moments you can imagine in poker.

With a big stack and 15 players left in the WSOP Main Event, Affleck picked up aces, got his money in with a huge edge against Jonathan Duhamel's gutshot draw and watched in agony as an 8 on the river decimated his poker dreams.

It reduced him, as we all remember, to tears.

Almost six years later he's clearly made his peace with his painful twist of fate but it's time for the infamous Ken Griffey Jr. jersey he was wearing to go:

2) Tilly Back as Tiffany in Child's Play 7?

There's not much we enjoy more than watching Jen Tilly push chips around at the poker table  - unless of course it's watching her as Tiffany in the iconic movie Bride of Chucky.

By the sounds of it, we'll get to see her alongside the homicidal doll again in Child's Play 7:

Chucky fans, needless to say, are pretty excited about it.

3) Doyle Could Have Been a Laker. Or Dead.

As fans of both the short poker documentary and ESPN's amazing 30 for 30 series, this tweet from poker icon Doyle Brunson obviously piqued our interest.

It might not have made the cut for 30 for 30 but it's got plenty of great stories in it including Doyle's brief brush with the NBA, his multiple scrapes with death and his long-standing friendship with Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss.

We could watch hours of Doyle reminiscing about his more-than-ordinary life but nine-and-a-half minutes will have to suffice. Watch below!

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