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Antonio Esfandiari
Even Antonio runs bad sometimes.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a set of fresh tires, a quick gas-up and a perfect slipstream down the afternoon poker news straightaway.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some major holes punched in Sheldon Adelson's survey on online gambling, Odd_Oddsen about to battle a Norwegian politician for the integrity of the game and NASCAR's Jeff Gordon punishes Antonio Esfandiari at Aria in Las Vegas.

1) New Poll Says Americans Aren't So Opposed to Online Poker

The Sheldon Adelson v. online gambling campaign has more than a few holes in it already - from his claims his motivations aren't financial to his ostensible "concern" for the good of the nation - but you can chalk up another one today thanks to a new survey done by Chris Grove at Online Poker Report.

Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Adelson: Not opposed to fudging the numbers.

Counter-balancing a questionable survey Adelson commissioned that suggested 70% of Americans "disapprove" of online gambling, OP Report followed up with its own Google consumer survey that implies the opposite might actually be true.

Based on a poll of 1,500 people the survey results said just 30% of Americans "strongly oppose" regulating online poker while well over 60% are either neutral or support/strongly support it.

A full 20% in fact said they "strongly support" regulating online poker which, if extrapolated to the Amercian population at large, translates to over 60 million people.

Both surveys obviously have their flaws, including sample size, but Adelson has been particularly cagey about revelaing the questions used in his survey done in just four states. More information on both polls here and here.

2) Odd_Oddsen vs. Politician Starts Saturday


Photo: Dagbladet

We reported on this challenge last month but now we have some concrete dates and rules set for the Odd_Oddsen $170k PLO Challenge. Cliffs of the challenge history:

In light of Norway's current poker laws and its ongoing softening towards legislation Norwegian high-stakes gunner Ola "Odd_Oddsen" Amundsgård put out a 1m NKR challenge to any politician: Beat him over 10,000 hands to prove poker's not a game of skill.

Progress Party member Erlend Wiborg took him up on the offer and now the battle will start Saturday and play out over the next five months. The set-up:

  • Match will start out live at a conference center and then move to PokerStars for the duration
  • 120 hours of play required between Dec. 7 and May 7 with 20 hr/month minimum
  • Play will be on at least two tables simultaneously with 10,00 play chips each
  • Whoever has most chips after 10,000 hands wins; should Wiborg win the money will be donated

We love the premise, for sure, but damn. That's a long challenge to prove an obvious point. Rail the action on PokerStars anytime you like though. More on the battle (in Norwegian) here.

3) NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Runs Over Esfandiari at Aria

So much win in this photo.

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