Daily 3-Bet: Adelson Hypocrite, Bellande Whiff, Norway Fold

JRB: Just misses again.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a recalcitrant dog, a questionable group of friends and an irrepressible hope that one day the afternoon poker news red-haired girl will be yours.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a Sheldon Adelson dig from a House Subcommittee meeting, lovable loser Jean-Robert Bellande crashes out of the Bellagio Five Diamond and Norwegian politician Erlend Wiborg folds quickly in his poker challenge with Odd_Oddsen.

1) Jan Schakowsky: "It Feels a Little Hypocritical"

We don't know much about House Energy and Commerce subcommittee ranking member Jan Schakowsky (ok, truth be told, we know nothing), but she's now our favorite House Energy and Commerce subcommittee ranking member.

Sheldon Adelson
A bit hypocritical, to Schakowsky.

And we don't take our House Energy and Commerce subcommittee ranking member endorsements lightly.

A Tuesday meeting to discuss Rep. Joe Barton's Internet Poker Freedom Act seems to have resulted in little progress other than an unexpected Sheldon Adelson dig from, we can only assume, the brilliant and incredibly tall Schakowsky.

Responding to Las Vegas Sands Corp. Vice President of Government Relations Andrew Abboud's testimony asking the committee to ban online gambling Schakowsky replied, according to The Hill, “It feels, to me, a little hypocritical."

The reason she said that is, of course, because it is. Seeing that Adelson’s group offers mobile gambling services to its own customers and all. More from TIME Magazine here.

2) JRB: The Charlie Brown of Poker?

Ever get the feeling Jean-Robert Bellande is always just an inch away from kicking that football, right up to the moon, only to have poker's metaphysical Lucy yank it away at the last second?

We feel that way sometimes. Like last night when JRB was this close to making the WPT Five Diamond final table and a run at $1.1m only to bust out unceremoniously in 10th for 25% of $52k. Flying his brother in from New York for the non-existent sweat only made the moment even more Charlie-esque.

Keep kicking, JRB. One of these days you're going to split the uprights.

3) Norwegian Politician Bows Out of $170k PLO Battle


We knew a five-month long, 10k-hand battle seemed like a stretch for a full-time, working politician. Still, we didn't expect Erlend Wiborg to fold this fast in his $170k challenge with poker pro Ola "‘Odd_Oddsen" Amundsgård.

If you haven't heard of the challenge, read about it here. Long story short poker is illegal in Norway, Amundsgård wanted to prove it's a skill game, Wiborg took him up on a 1m KR, 10,000-hand challenge and now has bailed out after taking a massive beating in the first session.

Summed up nicely by Nutblocker, the two played their first session last Saturday where over the course of 1,056 hands Amundsgård smoked Wiborg for 2,666 BBs. Wiborg promptly gave up on the rest of the challenge.

"I was in total control throughout the match," Amundsgård said, "and I feel I accomplished what I wanted today; showing that poker is a game of skill. Erlend never had a chance to win today, and my million was never threatened."

Said Wiborg: "Ola was simply too tough. His superior skills clearly showed, and I didn’t have a chance. No million for me, but we clearly demonstrated the core principle here, namely that poker is a skill game."

Story checks out.

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