Daily 3-Bet: Ace High, ADZ Ripped, Pereyra Subs In

Matt Marafioti
Matt Marafioti.

The PokerListings.com Daily 3-Bet is a rapid-fire rundown of three of the more underreported poker "news" stories of the day.

Any tips or suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to post in the comments.

Today we hit up the Ace High poker movie mashup, a less-than-glowing profile of former PokerListings blogger Matt "ADZ124” Marafioti and a sub coming in as WPT Hostess.

1) Ace High Movie Mashup

This has been kicking around since November but worth mentioning again.

It’s a fake trailer for a film about a college kid who gets in over his head in the high-stakes poker world.

Clips are taken from existing movies that work with the premise and mashed together to give a sense of how it could look.

According to the YouTube poster:

“The guys who created this are buddies of mine. they are checking for general interest for such a movie.

“if they gonna get enough clicks they have some investors etc. thats the deal as far as I know! therefore I think they will be able to start production of the begin 2012.”

The script itself is reportedly based on the real-life experiences of “several online gamers” and one “special one” in particular.

Click and watch to increase its chances of being made.

2) ADZ124 Ripped in Toronto Life

We Facebooked this a couple of days ago but Toronto Life magazine recently published a long feature on poker pro Matt “ADZ124” Marafioti.

Matt Marafioti
Toronto Life author not a fan of smug.

Doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see the author really disliked him, but there is some objectivity during some of Marafioti’s more palatable moments.

Marafioti didn't made it easy for him either. Some highlight reel quotes:

“At these 15-minute breaks, which occurred every hour-and-a-half, Marafioti collected himself in his room at the Palms, taking hits off a large bong.”

“They fear me,” he said later. “When Phil sat next to me, he was like, ‘Who is this Internet wizard?’”

“When I asked him what he liked doing when he wasn’t playing poker, he said, ‘Shopping, eating at good restaurants, fucking bitches.’”

“His 25-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Kling, a professional player from Florida, calls him the best river player she’s ever seen.”

“In the first phone conversation we ever had, he informed me within five minutes that he spends a minimum of $200,000 a year on food."

Marafioti did crack the Top 10 on the Global Poker Index this week, so he has that going for him.

marianela pereyra
Cue Chainsaw tweets. Photo: Michael Polizzi

3) Marianela Pereyra Subs in for Kimberley Lansing

The World Poker Tour announced that Marianela Pereyra will step in as the new WPT Anchor while Kimberly Lansing is on maternity leave.

The host of NBC’s Poker After Dark in 2008, Marianela won the WPT production team over in her interview with her "endless enthusiasm, quick wit and extensive poker knowledge."

A psychology grad from the University of Maryland, a dancer and former VJ at FUSE TV, she's also covered events for ESPN, CBS Sports and FOX Sports.

And she's been on ER. Let the flirty Allen Kessler tweets begin.

Bonus: Phil Hellmuth Boring Golden State Warrior David Lee

If you enjoy pictures of NBA stars looking annoyed by Phil Hellmuth at a casino at 4 am, you'll like this pic from Deadspin.

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william 2012-01-30 20:19:35

not sure who the bigger D-bag in poker is, adz124 or allen bari.

roy jones jr jr 2011-12-15 15:44:52

adz is the man that writer is a dick

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