Daily 3-Bet: Aaron Paul Stunner, Lauck Karma, Poker Enema

Aaron Paul 9 2015 WSOP

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a city under siege, a maniacal supervillian on a rampage and one last afternoon poker news hope to save us all.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find another impressive show from Aaron Paul, Jonas Lauck finds some karma and a supervillain all of poker fears.

1) Aaron Paul Won't Stop

When the Global Poker League announced Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul would be a member of the LA Sunset this year there were more than a few eyebrows raised about the league's 'standard of play.'

Aaron Paul jersey long IMG 6181
In the Cube or out, Paul's a winner.

Could the actor - despite a clear love of the game and a previous appearance in the WSOP Main Event - really hold his own against some of the game's best minds?

The answer, clearly, is yes after he put on another impressive performance heads-up against Jonathan Jaffe on Thursday.

Running out to a 2-0 lead Paul nearly locked up a 3-0 sweep and was thwarted only when his KK lost to JJ after a J hit the flop.

With a win over Paris Aviators manager Fabrice Soulier in the Cube this summer Paul is now undefeated over 2 matches and 4-2 overall in games.

Impressive for the supposed 'fish' at the GPL table.

Well played, Mr. Paul.

We're intrigued to see if Manager Maria Ho has enough confidence in his game to put him in for a playoff match later this fall

Watch the 3-minute highlight reel of Thursday's match below:

2) Lauck Breaks Even with Poker Gods

Is there karma in poker?

Jonas Lauck IMG 8530
Poker justice comes full circle.

Germany's Jonas Lauck suffered an almost inhuman beat deep in the 2016 WSOP Main Event this year when his AA lost to Gordon Vayo's AK.

It was such a stunning turn of events that Vayo, who was on the winning side, almost couldn't reset himself from the "positive tilt" of it all.

Lauck, meanwhile, carried on equally stunned and ran into Michael Niwinski's flopped two pair shortly after to lose the last of his chips.

Despite the injustice of it all Lauck graciously exited in 37th with a bemused smile and a handshake for his vanquisher.

His reward for taking it like a champ? The poker gods (and his immense talent, ofc) rewarded him with the 2016 WCOOP main event title for $1.5m.

Who says poker isn't fair? Watch the heartbreaking moment for Lauck in this week's WSOP on ESPN episode at 1hr 1min:

3) Ha Ha Ha

We're still three weeks out from Halloween but apparently, just like in poker, Fedor Holz is always ahead of the crowd ...

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