Daily 3-Bet: Aaron Paul Cubed, Hot Stud Time Machine, Fedor 4Ever

Aaron Paul 10 2015 WSOP

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Today in the 3-Bet we find two buzzworthy debuts for the Global Poker League, the WSOP $10k Stud event shows its age and Fedor Holz runs wild again.

1) Aaron Paul in a Cube

While "Aaron Paul playing poker in a one-way mirrored Cube in Las Vegas" sounds like a David Copperfield think piece, today that sentence is about to become a reality.

Actor Aaron Paul - the Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and The Path fame - will make his Global Poker League debut at the brand new GPL studio in Las Vegas.

He'll be standing up, he'll be playing heads-up poker against a tbd poker pro from the Paris Aviators and he will be doing it in a specially designed, one-way mirrored Cube.

Hard to believe it's a real thing, but it is. And we expect it to be pretty spectacular. As does GPL CEO Alex Dreyfus:

We're pretty excited as well. Watch it all play out starting at 5 pm PT on the GPL Twitch channel here.

2) Benyamine, Forrest and Mizrachi in 7-Card Stud Final

Before Texas Hold'em swept the world up in its all-in tsunami in 2003, Stud was quite literally what people meant when they said "poker" back in the day.

Despite a recent surge in interest in Mixed Games Stud still hasn't caught on with the young folks quite like NLHE. And it's events like the $10k Stud at the WSOP where that really shows.

David Benyamine
Benyamine: Still a Stud.

Just 87 players entered the $10k Stud Championship in Vegas over the weekend and the player list looked a bit different than the usual $1k NL fest.

Besides the surprising appearance of Full Tilt Poker pariah Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, old schoolers like Freddie Ellis, Todd Brunson, Jeff Lisandro, Frank Kassela and Cyndy Violette were all in the field as were David Chiu, Bill Chen and Mori Eskandani.

Some great new school players like Jason Mercier, Matt Ashton, Stephen Chidwick and even Jason Somerville bought in, too, but the final table of six certainly reflects an older demographic than usual:

Seat 1: George Danzer - 340,000
Seat 2: Robert Mizrachi - 1,371,000
Seat 3: Ted Forrest - 447,000
Seat 4: David Benyamine - 373,000
Seat 5: Matt Grapenthien - 1,157,000
Seat 6: Steve Weiss - 682,000

Action picks up again at noon today in the Rio where $242,662 and the third bracelet of the summer will be on the line. Follow along with the live updates here.

3) But How Much Did He Lose?

The 2016 World Series of Poker has barely begun and Fedor Holz has already secured himself over $4m in payouts without cashing in a single WSOP event.

Fedor Holz IMG 4942
Like Bill Nye, but for poker.

How did he do that, you might ask? 

First he chopped the $300k Aria Super High Roller Bowl with his pal Rainer Kempe for somewhere north of $3.5m. 

Then over the weekend he chopped up another $50k High Roller at the Aria with another German pal, Dominik Nitsche, for $637,392.

The fact he didn't win a tournament the following day was actually notable enough he had to tweet about it:

Clearly, everyone else is just doing poker wrong. And if Fedor opens up more seats to this strategy seminar in the Fall he might actually shut down the Internet.

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