Daily 3-Bet: Aaron Paul Arrives, Kempe Can't Stop, Poker's Hot Dad

Aaron Paul 14 2015 WSOP2
Like this, but standing up.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a zero-filled check, bits of confetti in your collar and the irresistible urge to register for the next afternoon poker news donkament.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Aaron Paul's Global Poker League debut imminent, Rainer Kempe wants it more and David Williams advances to the Masterchef kitchen.

1) Aaron Paul Hits GPL Monday

With 8 weeks of the Global Poker League now in the books we've seen 71 of the league's 72 players dive into the action.

The last remaining holdout? The league's marquee celebrity member, actor Aaron Paul.

We've seen Paul around the WSOP the past couple of years - as both a spectator and a player -  but that's been during the Main Event.

This year, though, Paul's getting a jump start on his poker habit and will be debuting for the LA Sunset in the first match of the GPL's Vegas Summer Series on Monday.

In the first of the 33 days of cross-conference heads-up matches Paul will square off with a tbd member of the Paris Aviators. ElkY? Davidi Kitai? Mike Leah? Alex Luneau? George Danzer? Manager Fabrice Soulier?

Any and all of the matchups are enticing. If, of course, the TV studio is together in time ...

2) Rainer Kempe: Can't Stop Won't Stop

How much does Rainer Kempe, winner of $5m in the Aria Super High Roller Bowl on Wednesday night, love poker?

Clearly, a lot. Kempe registered for the 10 am flight of the $565 WSOP Colossus on Thursday morning.

10 am! The day after he won $5m! It's so #whowantsitmore we're not even sure we can process it.

He's one of our five Spirit of Poker Rising Star nominations this year for many reasons, but his relentless desire to get hands in is certainly one of them.

3) David Williams: Pork Chops and Blue Cheese Grits FTW

Poker pro David Williams has plenty of lifetime experience playing heads-up poker. Maybe not when he needed it most, during his 2004 WSOP Main Event HU with Greg Raymer, but certainly since.

DW: All in on Masterchef.

That experience may have come in handy during his Masterchef debut, which aired on Wednesday night, when he faced a heads-up battle to advance to the Masterchef Season 7 Top 20.

Facing off against "high-end restaurant marketer" Joe in the Battle of the Pork Chops, Williams cracked out a "boneless chop on a bed of blue cheese grits, covered in caramelized onions and blue cheese crumble."

Despite being a bit too heavy on the blue cheese for Chef Gordon Ramsay, he got the nod and made it into the Final 20 that will appear on the show.

The rest of the final 20 will be revealed next Wednesday before Williams will cook again on the following episode. Best of luck to poker's "Hot Dad;" follow him on Twitter here.

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