Daily 3-Bet: AA vs. AA Madness, Tasmanian Devil, Ivey Grad

Phil Ivey

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at that crazy One Drop bad beat rocking YouTube charts, a former politician getting the boot from Crown Casino and a throwback photo of Phil Ivey.

Connar Drinan Bad Beat Continues to Rule YouTube

Connor Drinan

It turns out the average ESPN viewer really, really enjoys seeing bad beats play out.

That Connor Drinan with AA getting beat by Cary Katz AA video has already garnered over 6.1 million views on YouTube making it the most watched brand video on the site this month.

It’s kind of amazing when you consider it beat a GoPro video of an epic roof jump and an extremely high-production clip of drifting by BMW.

The video was even featured in an Adweek article titled “ESPN Proves That Even Poker Videos Can Go Viral”.

So all along all we needed was aces getting cracked by aces in a $1 million buy-in tournament? ESPN should have thought of that one sooner.

We’d like to point out we were on the scene and had this up roughly 30 minutes after the incident happened but there’s certainly something to be said for actually seeing Drinan’s reaction after losing the massive pot.

Regardless it’s safe to say that hand is the breakout smash hit of the WSOP. Who said people don’t care about poker?

Tasmanian Ex-Premier Loses Mind at Poker Table

Don't lick the cards!

Not only does former Tasmanian premier Paul Lennon enjoy poker but he’s actually been kicked out of a casino just like an old-school grizzled poker pro.

Earlier this week Lennon was given the boot from Crown Casino in Melbourne after a woman allegedly touched his chips.

For his part Lennon says the incident was a result of a misunderstanding after he licked his index finger before picking up his cards (ew).

That’s apparently against the rules at Crown and led to Lennon being marched out of the casino, hand-cuffed and flanked by hordes of security officers.

The incident wasn’t Lennon’s first controversial moment at Crown Casino. Back in 2006, when he was still premier, he was accused of misconduct when his free $200 room was upgraded to a $600-a-night suite.

Just days later Betfair, which Crown owns 50% of its Australian operations, was granted a $700m gaming license.

Phil Ivey Asks Fans to Caption Grad Photo

Phil Ivey is Mr. Social these days and he posted the following photo asking his followers to come up with a caption for it.

Specifically “The quote under my graduation pick said _____ ?”

We’re going to go with most likely to 5-Bet bluff someone out of a million. Standard.

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