Daily 3-Bet: 60 Minutes Ivey, Hinkle Air Hump, Best of British Poker

Phil Ivey on 60 Minutes Sports

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an empty beer bottle, a seat in the nosebleeds and 15 or so seconds of unabashed afternoon poker news homerism.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey stepping up to defend his reputation on 60 Minutes Sports, WSOP bracelet winner Grant Hinkle gains some celebrity for air humping at an NFL game and voting for the 2014 British Poker Awards opens.

1) Ivey: I Didn't Cheat

This is going to be interesting. Respected newsmagazine 60 Minutes Sports released a short teaser today of an upcoming episode featuring an in-depth sitdown with Phil Ivey at the 2014 WSOP.

Despite appearing to ask some tough questions about his edge-sorting/cheating allegations, from the clip below it looks like it'll be a semi-adoring puff piece about Ivey's gambling acumen/lifestyle.

We've got no problem with that at all - especially if it pumps Phil Ivey up as a hero to the mainstream. The episode is set to air on Showtime next Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 10 pm. Check the teaser:

2) Hinkle Goes National with Air Hump

It's been a pretty sweet 48 hours for Kansas City sports as the Chiefs thrashed the Patriots on Monday Night Football and the Royals came back in 12 innings last night to move on to the ALDS.

Not such a sweet 48 hours for Kansas City Chiefs fan and poker player/WSOP bracelet winner Grant Hinkle.

You might have seen the clip of Hinkle air humping a Patriots fan at the Chiefs game already as dozens of sports sites including Deadspin picked it up. Most referred to Hinkle as some variation of the most obnoxious/douchebag-y fan ever. Check the clip:

The truth, though, as Hinkle explained in a post on 2+2, is that while he might have gone a bit to far it was all in good fun - and the Pats fan didn't seem to be too bothered.

"We boo all opposing fans going by. Nothing vulgar, just booing. Most laugh and move on. This guy turned back around after getting boo'd and then started trying to tell us about Tom Brady/Patriots.

"We continued to boo him with him staying in our face for 2 minutes until he eventually sat down in the aisle outside our seats. We kept booing and then when the White Stripes song came on I started "dancing at him."

"Crowd was laughing and cheering me on. I got frenzied and definitely took it further than I should, but I am a sucker for a hilarious opportunity and laughs."

There you have it. Not so douchey afterall. YouTube views are up to 400k already, though, so Hinkle may be fighting a losing image battle.

3) Chidwick, Moorman, Deadman, Yong Among BPA Nominees

Stephen Chidwick
Anyone better at tournaments than Stephen Chidwick?

As you might already know, we love a good poker awards ceremony.

Not only do they celebrate the players who had incredible runs and lived out a few poker dreams over the last year they also (usually) recognize some of the behind-the-scenes folks who make the poker industry so great.

The British Poker Awards are the perfect example with the expected trophies for Best Live Cash Game Player, Best Tournament Player etc but also awards for Best TD of the Year, Best Cardroom and Best Poker League.

As you might expect the list of nominees is littered with the Best of the Best in British Poker from Chris Moorman and Stephen Chidwick to rising stars Simon Deadman and Jack Salter to essential British poker supporters like Rob Yong and Tony Kendall.

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