Daily 3-Bet: $25k Friendly, Galfond "On the Lam," Calvin’s Heir

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond: Not on the lam.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a leisurely paddleboat ride across the man-made lake behind the poker news hydroelectric dam.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find the pros upping their own stakes with a $25k bet, footage from Calvin Ayre’s atrocity of a reality show and the Wall Stret Journal giddy over Phil Galfond’s duplex slide.

1) How Pros Stay Interested When the Buy-in is Only $2k

How do high-stakes poker pros manage to keep their attention on a tournament when the buy-in is only $2k and the highest payout is only five-figures?

Throw in an extra $25,000 for a massive last-longer bet of course.

The $2k 8-game mix event is on to Day 2 at the LAPC with some extra cheese on the table thanks to a 25-person last-longer bet agreed to before the tourney.

$25k in chicken scratch.

Pic of the high-tech run sheet supplied by Bryan Devonshire in this tweet:

I made day 2 of the @LAPC $2k 8game with 2/3 average, half the field remains. Still alive in the $1k last longer too. http://t.co/CXqBAb0H

Players still in contention: Bertrand Grospellier, Devonshire, Phil Hellmuth, Jen Harman, Allen Kessler, McLean Karr and Eugene Katchalov, among others.

Already gone? Scott Clements, Fabrice Soulier, Chino Rheem, Joe Cheong, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein and Will Failla.

2) Galfond’s Slide Makes Wall Street Journal Segment

Now that he’s moved to Vancouver, Phil Galfond has had his New York City duplex on the market for a couple of months for a list price of $4 million.

That was probably enough to draw the attention of the Wall Street Journal real estate crew alone, but his indoor slide was definitely enough to have it featured on the WSJ's Private Properties segment.

Calling it a "sculptural steel" slide, the hosts joked about several things including "running out of yellow paint" and Galfond selling it because he’s “on the lam” for his online poker playing.

Video of his $4 million condo and the hosts' awkward open-mic banter below:

3) The Reality Show that Lowered the Bar for Reality Shows

Remember Calvin’s Heir?

The faux-reality show where the now-indicted Calvin Ayre supposedly impregnated nine lucky contenders and then choose the baby worthy of becoming his namesake and inheriting his billion-dollar fortune?

We didn’t either. But apparently there were some bloopers distinguishable from the normal course of the show:

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