Daily 3-Bet: €25k Demon Chasing, Poker Boonkers, Free Throw for $

Coming to Borgata soon.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at a brilliant post from Patrick Leonard analyzing an EPT High Roller, the benefits of being bilingual at the table and a new skill game coming to Borgata.

1) Patrick Leonard Breaks Down EPT High Roller

Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard

This is fascinating.

Newcastle native Patrick Leonard, who’s also known by his online name surv3ysays, posted an in-depth breakdown of his Day 1 of EPT Malta €25k High Roller.

He starts by giving readers some background on how he perceives poker these days:

I have recently been getting mental game coaching from Elliot Roe, focusing on hypnotherapy, I had some demons in the back of my poker mind like probably every poker player has. It's hard to accept that you did something terrible you know? Like over the last few years I have perhaps shut off things in the back of my head that I wasn't proud about. There is about 5 river calls that were having a huge effect on me. I needed to conquer them, but to do that I needed to face them. Over the last 10 days I've tried to change my philosophy on poker altogether.

Check out the complete post on TwoPlusTwo including eight hands he played.

2) The Benefits of Being Bilingual at the Tables

It’s usually frowned upon when two players are using a language at the table no one understands but as CardPlayerLifestyle’s Robbie Strazynski found out it can also be pretty fun.

Scotty Nguyen
You speak Scotty, baby?

In a recent post Strazynski broke down an incident where he sat at a table where two players were speaking Hebrew in a way that bordered on collusion.

The kicker? Strazynski understands Hebrew perfectly.

For four hours Strazynski happily gathered information as the players conversed in Hebrew.

Although Strazynski never was able to capitilize on his advantage over the span of the session it’s an important lesson about always being careful at the poker table no matter what language you speak.

3) Shooting Free Throws for Money at Borgata

In your standard casino, poker is pretty much the only skill game around.

You could add BlackJack if you have the math skills of Andy Bloch but we’re just going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t.

Free throw headquarters.

Poker may soon have some company on that front, however, as Borgata has recently got the go-ahead to start adding skill-based competitions.

Borgata’s first event is a free-throw shooting contest where the winner walks away with $5,000 (we assume Borgata takes a cut of the $20 entrance fee).

“This is a first step, something we’ve never been able to do until now,” Borgata Senior Vice President Joe Lupo told CBS.

“A year from now, you’ll probably see a lot more of these skill-based tournaments or even games on the casino floor.”

We look forward to Tiddliwinks championships and frisbee tournaments coming to a casino near you!

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