Daily 3-Bet: $20m JRB, Bilzerian EKG, WSOP Hail Mary

Jesus at 201-1?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an emergency medivac, a self-administered IV and one last, big gasp of the sweet afternoon poker news air.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find perennially "broke" Jean-Robert Bellande scraping up $1m Big One for One Drop buy-in, Dan Bilzerian explains the commitment it takes to have two heart attacks in the space of 48 hours and prelimary odds for the WSOP Main Event call for a Las Vegas miracle.

1) JRB Buys Into Big One, World Laughs

Don't count us among the laughers, though.

Having seen Jean-Robert Bellande navigate the sharky waters of the poker world for the last 7-8 years and still come out "alive," so to speak, we know better than to bet against him.

But, really? A $1m buy-in for this summer's Big One in straight-up bricks of cash? And, he says, with no help/stake from Dan Bilzerian? Maybe that cash game he crushed in really was that big:

Something tells us the poker world isn't quite ready for JRB as its all-time money winner. But if things get squirelly this summer, who knows? May God protect us all.

2) How to Have Two Heart Attacks in a Few Easy Steps

Wonder how a seemingly healthy, fit 30-ish year old can have two heart attacks in the space of about 48 hours?

Dan Bilzerian has a few tips if you're interested in giving it a go. NOTE: We don't recommend it. Also this video is very, very NSFW. NSF most human consumption, really. So consider yourself forewarned.

3) Ivey at 151-1 to Win Main Event; Jesus Back from Dead?

Some preliminary odds for the straight-up winner of the 2014 WSOP have been released on bwin.com and a couple of key things stand out:

  • 1) Phil Ivey is, literally, heads-and-shoulders above the poker world
  • 2) The WSOP Main Event is a crazy crap shoot with no possible way of predicting the outcome
  • 3) bwin knows something about Chris "Jesus" Ferguson that we clearly don't, and nothing about Vanessa Selbst
  • 4) We may actually put money down on Phil Hellmuth, Vanessa Selbst or Chris Moorman to win. Seriously.
Phil Ivey
25% better than everyone else in poker? Maybe.

Some current odds of note:

  • Phil Ivey 151-1
  • Gus Hansen 201-1
  • Chris "Jesus" Ferguson 201-1
  • Doyle Brunson 201-1
  • Daniel Negreanu 201-1
  • Phil Hellmuth 201-1
  • Johnny Chan 201-1
  • Ryan Riess 201-1
  • Tom Dwan 251-1
  • John Juanda 251-1
  • Chris Moorman 301-1
  • Annette Obrestad 301-1
  • Scotty Nguyen 301-1
  • Phil Galfond 401-1
  • Vanessa Selbst 401-1
  • Mikel Habb 401-1

Get 'em while they're hot right here.

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