Daily 3-Bet: $1m Uber Ride, $10k Who Dat?, RIP DanHimiller(.com)

To all the unknown players, we salute you.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, a certified window decal and a $2 tip that just might turn into afternoon poker news history.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Ben Keeline's $1m Colossus win reaching new depths, a slew of new names in the WSOP $10k Heads-Up and the end of poker's greatest website.

1) Broke >> Uber >> WSOP >> Profit

Ben Keeline's $1m win in the WSOP's Colossus II is pretty remarkable as it is. Just outlasting a 21,613-player field in a poker tournament is a miraculous feat in its own right.

That totally just happened.

And winning $1m in one shot - for 99.9% of the poker-playing public - is like getting hit by lightning and a train at the same time.

Keeline's story is even better than that. Some extra details, provided by the WSOP:

  • A couple months ago he was flat broke, with no backers
  • He took a side gig as an Uber driver in Boulder, Co, to make any kind of money
  • He came to the Colossus with only two bullets, and whiffed his first
  • He ran KK into AA on Day 1 of his second flight to sink to just 1(!) single 500 chip - with a 500 ante and 1,500/3,000 blinds!
  • He was part of a 27-player last longer bet and one of them (Jonathan Borenstein) actually made the final table with him.

Any one of those things is fairly absurd. All of them put together is the stuff poker dreams - and the WSOP - are made of.

Huge congratulations to Keeline, and may the best still be yet to come. Read the rest of the Colossus final-table story here.

2) Who's Harry Crumb Federico Petruzzeli?

Nick Yunis
Nick Yunis: #1 in Chile.

As we've learned - repeatedly - from watching some phenomenal play during the first 8 weeks of the GPL, heads-up poker is a very different beast.

Just being "good" isn't near enough to win. You have to know your exact ranges, you have to pick your spots perfectly and you have to read your opponent well.

Because heads-up is such a specialized and tricky game, the $10k Heads-Up Championship at the WSOP typically only brings out the absolute best of the best.

That definitely held partly true yesterday as the 153-player lineup was littered with the game's biggest and best names. The final 32 still in to play today, though, will open a few eyes.

For example: Last November Italian Federico "FederikoPX" Petruzzeli played the €550 buy-in Battle of Malta and cashed in 123rd for €1,350. Today he's set to play HU specialist Jason Les for a shot at the Sweet 16 and the money. 

Daniel McAulay. Orlando Romero. Konstantin Ramazanov. Alan Wehbi. Alan Percal. Ali Davoudi. Tanner Millen. There are quite a few names that could be classified as major underdogs in this thing, and that's very exciting to see.

We're sure they've cut their teeth on some pretty tough online games but to shine on this stage at the WSOP is a big new step. Check the matchups for the Round of 32:

Jared Jaffee vs. Scott Baumstein
Chance Kornuth vs. Olivier Busquet
Federico Petruzzelli vs. Jason Les
Daniel McAulay vs. Orlando Romero
Matthew Parry vs. Konstantin Ramazanov
Alan Wehbi vs. Alan Percal
Tanner Millen vs. Benjamin Geisman
Paul Newey vs. Sam Soverel
Igor Yaroshevskyy vs. John Smith
Antonio Esfandiari vs. Bryn Kenney
Ankush Mandavia vs. Jacob Wideman
Nick Yunis vs. Ali Davoudi
Sam Stein vs. Max Silver
Matthew Diehl vs. Adrien Allain
Adrian Mateos vs. Max Altergott
Alex Luneau vs. Bobby Oboodi

Watch it all play out in the WSOP live updates here.

3) Is This the End for DanHimiller.com?

Dan Heimiller

We've seen this happen once before (and it came back to life), but is this finally the end for DanHimiller.com (sic), the greatest poker website ever created?

Please, say it ain't so, Dan. Also: As much as we love him (and it), $1,695 for the domain still seems high, no?

To see it in all its former glory, just click here

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