Daily 3-Bet: $1m GPL Warm-Up, Wild Ankush, Ride Bike Eat Cookie

samantha abernathy
Cookie fan.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rumbling stomach, a blur of furry blue mitts and a crumb-flying attack on the afternoon poker news cookie jar.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the New York Rounders in top form pre-GPL, more wildcard heat for Ankush Mandavia and Sam Abernathy's unusual cycling diet.

1) Rounders Roll Up Strong

They were already the top-ranked and, likely, the most feared team heading into the start of the first-ever Global Poker League season.

Bryn Kenney
Rounders ready.

The New York Rounders have done nothing to change that impression over the past few days.

Three of the team's five current members  - including Manager Bryn Kenney - made major scores over the weekend in small, tough fields.

Second-round pick Tom Marchese won one of his bread-and-butter Aria $25Ks for $369k. Manager Kenney took one of those, too, for $422k. And final-round pick Jason Wheeler won the WSOPC Bally's Main Event for $323k.

They do get paid to play in the GPL, but that extra $1m will likely go a ways to buying some pretty sweet team paraphernalia. Jason Mercier and Kevin MacPhee also better pick their games up, it seems.

The final wildcard is still to be picked this week but the core of the team is obviously primed and ready to crush. 

2) Everybody Loves Ankush

Speaking of GPL wildcards ... if there were any snubs at the 2016 GPL Draft last month, Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia would likely be considered tops on that list.

A certifiable beast both online and live a few eyebrows did go up (particularly draft commentator Daniel Negreanu's) when Mandavia wasn't selected.

Is he a surefire wildcard pick for some team this week? If his current chip lead at the WPT Bay 101 and Negreanu's continued, undying love are any sign, absolutely.

Our feeling is he joins the Faraz Jaka-led San Francisco Rush, but we've been wrong before.

3) C is for Cycling

So we know Dan Bilzerian is deep in training for his impending Las Vegas to LA cycling bet with, perhaps, a few dietary issues holding him back.

His riding partner Sam Abernathy? She's riding with the cookies, regardless:

T-minus 48 hours and counting till it begins. We'll keep you posted

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