Daily 3-Bet: $10m Moorman, Cranston Jam, Life of Ivey

Phil Ivey
Oh. Does my sweet, sweet life frustrate you?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a flopped set, mutli-way pot and clear-as-a-bell Meatloaf tell that gets you the checkmark on celebrity afternoon poker news showdown.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find British grinder Chris Moorman on the brink of online poker history, Bryan Cranston getting his jam called off on Celebrity Poker Showdown and Phil Ivey continuing to make us all wish we had his life.

1) Chris Moorman About to Hit $10m in Online Earnings

Chris Moorman
Greatest online MTTer ever? Prob.

Let that number roll around in your head a bit. $10 million.

Seems almost impossible that kind of money can be made via online poker let alone that one person could amass it himself. But that's exactly where British grinder Chris Moorman sits.

Just $30k shy of $10m in career online earnings Moorman should be the first to pass that mark by the end of the week. Maybe sooner if his ongoing WCOOP runs pay off as expected.

Past that there's not much left for Moorman to accomplish in online poker. He's won 15 "Triple Crowns" (won three tourneys in 24 hours) and finished in the top 3 in tournaments 545 times.

Without an "official" title per se it makes him, according to his new multi-media website launched today, the "most decorated online poker player in the world."

Hard to argue that, really. So what's left to conquer for Moorman?

Well, with "just" $2.8 million in live tournament winnings he's still yet to bag his first major live title. Read more about his success here.

2) Heisenberg Jams on Seventh Heaven Guy, Gets Rivered

On the cusp of the Breaking Bad finale this Sunday a somewhat random poker connection has been making the rounds on the entertainment blogs.

According to Vulture, the actor Robert Forster, who made his appearance last week as "The Disappearer" and whisked Walter away to safety, met Bryan Cranston via a weeky actors poker game.

That in itself isn't so interesting, we know, but this clip of Cranston dominating an episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown in 2005 is. Among the many joys:

  • Cranston runs over the table before being rivered by Seventh Heaven Dad to finish second
  • Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage is in it. Peter Dinklage!
  • Germaphobe Howie Mandel wearing rubber gloves
  • The "how did I get here" look on Dave Foley's face every time we see him in CPS clips

3) It's Still Good to Be the King

Even with the sun shining, the Battle of Malta booming and our exclusive coverage of the WSOPE on the horizon Phil Ivey can always remind us, in one simple Instagram post, how much we don't have.

Damn you, Phil Ivey, damn you. But also, please be our friend.

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