Daily 3-Bet: £100k Pain, $1m Gain, Hellmuth Detained

Phil Hellmuth
More than $10k, more problems.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shifty eye, sweaty palms and a suspicious bulge in your leather coat that pegs you for secondary afternoon poker news screening.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Sorel Mizzi feeling the pain of a £100k cash buy-in, next year's $1 million Big One for One Drop gaining a confirmed monster and Phil Hellmuth paying the price for an egregious customs error.

1) Leather Backpack Apparently Vessel for £100k Cash

Think it's hard to let $109 in virtual dollars go at the click of the button? (Answer: It is)

Try dropping a leather bag filled with £100,000 (pounds!) on the counter for a go at a pro-stuffed WPT Alpha8 event, like Sorel Mizzi did yesterday.

Also: Who carries around £100k in cash in a leather backpack? That's insane.

Updates from Alpha8 London featuring the one and only Viktor Blom right here.

2) Tim Adams Confirms Entry in $1m Big One for One Drop

He didn't plunk $1m in cash down at the Rio cage (we assume) but high-roller regular and certifiable poker beast Tim Adams has confirmed his name is on the list for 2014's $1m Big One for One Drop.

Timothy Adams
Plain name, massive game.

He likely won't have all $1m of his action either, but still ... it kinda makes Mizzi's cash-bag seem like a good night of tips, really.

He may not have the biggest name or most high-profile presence in the poker world but believe us when we say Adams is a legit contender to take the $20m first-place prize.

Fresh from a fifth-place finish in the recent WSOPE High Roller and already a WSOP bracelet winner, an early bet on Adams if you can find one might be a profitable one.

More on Adams here. More on next year's second-ever $1m Big One for One Drop here.

3) Phil Hellmuth, Customs Fish

Every poker player knows the one thing you NEVER do returning from an overseas poker escapade is fail to declare your cash. Except for Phil Hellmuth, it seems:

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